Target marketing has been the buzz word of Internet Marketing for years. Narrowing down from mass marketing billboard strategies makes sense. When you know your target market encompasses baby boomers who are used to making six figures and who are going through a life transition, you’ve got a vague idea of how to talk to them. Why pay for Internet real estate that’s aimed at uninterested people, right? Knowing your target market is effective at an average rate of 2-3% where 2-3 people out of every hundred click through or sign up for your free offers.

But what if you could go much deeper and score double-digit success rates with your opt-in boxes and squeeze pages? What if you knew how to knock it out of the park more often than not? What if you knew the precise words your Perfect Prospect is waiting to hear? You can know using psychographics—personality studies that key in on your prospects’ goals, values, frustrations, and pain.

Do you know whether your Perfect Prospect is a rule keeper or a rule breaker? How about getting a feel for how those same prospects approach relationships and how they feel about having fun? That’s where psychographics steps in to give you keen insights more than you ever imagined.

Your Perfect Prospects are people you love to work with and who get fabulous results. They are your star clients. Using this kind of detailed information, you can attract more of the very people who make your business rewarding, energizing, and immensely profitable. Isn’t that why you started your business to begin with?

With a simple 15-minute assessment, you can know if your Perfect Prospect loves work more than play or play more than work. You can know if your prospect is more concerned about legacy or trying out the latest, newest trends. You can even know if that person leans toward drinking black coffee and whether he would choose potato chips or cheese curls, given the choice. Imagine spotting your Perfect Prospects by peeking into their coffee cups at a networking event. You might be smiling at the thought, but this works.

How did you choose the colors in your web site design? Are they your favorites because they go good with your eyes in your profile photo? Now you can choose colors that bring out the emotional response you’re trying to create for your prospects. If your Perfect Prospect is a risk-taker, choose bold reds. For dependability and trust, choose deep blue. For spirituality, choose mauves and violets. Remember, it’s all about them and what you can do to make their lives better.

Ask the right questions, and you can pre-qualify your follow ups at networking events. Imagine the time and energy saved from processing all those business cards. Now you can eliminate the ones you know aren’t a good fit and focus on those who are to keep your energy high and double or triple your returns.

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Rosey Dow is Psychographics Marketing Expert. She creates personality studies of your Perfect Prospect and gives you the words to draw them in and take your business to the next level.