I read somewhere that if there is a way of living that you would like to accomplish, a goal that you have set for yourself and haven't gotten there yet, the best way to magnetize it would be to pretend you are already there. So in essence you would create a circumstance that has you doing (even if it is only for a few minutes) right now, something you would do in that dream life that you are striving for in future days ahead.

That's what it felt like to me when I wrote my first book and a woman named Maria Fajardo hosted my first book signing inside her quaint hair salon in Monrovia Ca. one summer evening. I can still hear her whispering in my ear as I sat at a table with a stack of my freshly self published books next to me, pen in hand and autographing them for the patient guests who formed a single line in front of me. Margret wants a book she whispered to me, Marcie would like you to sign her book she went on to say. I was ecstatic because it was for that single evening inside Maria's warm and delightful hair salon that I honestly felt as if I was living the life I was attempting to accomplish as a published author right now in this very moment.

For that evening I was a published author that people were interested in. They were eager to hear my personal story and stood in line patiently as I signed their books with a nervous hand and a shaky smile, and how could it all have come this true for me? It was the unselfishness giving act of Maria of course.

She is one of those women you meet with a striking appearance and yet humble demeanor about herself. A petite and very attractive Mexican American woman who if you ever had the opportunity to meet would leave you with a friendly warm impression for life. She is a one of a kind.

Did I mention the spread? A beautiful spread of appetizers and sparkling lemonade, fresh fruits and desserts decorated the room with delightful colors and aroma. There seemed to be an intimacy that evening as we all interacted and shared a tremendous amount of caring insightful energy, a night in which Maria had given me the opportunity to become that published author I had always wanted to be.

And I am.

Patricia Huff, author.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia Huff is the author of six books that can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites.