Love ~ The Energy That Is YOU!

Raise your vibration to manifest prosperity, health and happiness

The universal law “like attracts like” is absolute. We get what we want by the way we think and feel. So stop and think, what is the personal broadcast you’re sending out into the world? Consciously or unconsciously, purposely or randomly, you choose your own personal broadcast by your thoughts and your words. This broadcast, or energy vibration, reflects your life – its circumstances, its abundance or lack, its feelings of angst or peace.

“If your life is not overflowing with abundance, wellness, and fulfillment, you are out of tune with the Love vibration within you. If you want more out of life, you are going to give more to life.” ~ John Randolph Price

Start with your thoughts and how you speak to yourself.
• Do you make yourself wrong frequently?
• Are you always trying to rush and make self-imposed deadlines?
• Are you critical and find faults in yourself and others?
• Do you focus on what’s missing and wrong?

The way you speak to yourself determines the events and people you attract in your life.

Consider the energy around you.

In addition to our own energy, we are all affected by different energy that exists all around us. The clearer your energy, the stronger and higher your energy vibrates and the less affected you are by subtler and unseen energies of the universe. We are energy beings. We transmit and receive energy on all levels, all the time. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions reflect our consciousness.
• When we encounter negative energies, we tense up; this attracts even more negative energy. (Imagine feeling peaceful and staying relaxed in that moment - you will not pick up negative energy of others.)
• Did you know that when interacting with others if you are leaning forward you might be giving away your energy and trying to push in on other people’s space? If you are leaning way back, you are avoiding their energy. (When you are sitting or standing straight, shoulder’s square, you are at the peak of power, for that is the position of balance and centeredness, which helps you to control and manage your energy.)

Changing your personal broadcast.

We must never forget that what we hold in our consciousness as the truth about ourselves will be mirrored back in the world around us. At any given time our personal broadcast is either one of co-creating with the Spirit of Love or mis-creating with the energy of fear. To be a co-creator with the Spirit of Love, we must think, feel, speak and act with love.

To raise your vibration…
o Adopt an attitude of gratitude and experience greater abundance.
o Pledge verbal harmlessness, taking care of what you say and the words you use with others and yourself.
o Say yes, and do what you can to increase, feelings of intense love and joy because whatever we’re feeling is what we’re vibrating and whatever we’re vibrating is what we are attracting.

Be mindful of…
o Being judgmental and critical. It negatively impacts our energy. Accept and tolerate other people just as they are.
o The thoughts you send out. Broadcasting thoughts of love instantly raise your vibration.
o Whether your heart is open or closed. Is there compassion and a willingness to forgive? Or rigidity and judgment in your heart?

Buddha once said, “The wisest beings are those who are fearless, silent and loving.” Imagine what it would feel like if you were to align with these three qualities facing any situation in your life? No matter where you are in your life, it is time to begin the healing process with self- acceptance and forgiveness.

Try this!

Calm your breathing, take few deep breaths, and go inward until you find that place of peace. Let go of the negative thinker and the skeptic inside of you. Focus on your heart center – center of love and peace. Say to yourself the following statements few times:

I am love, I am loved, I am loving. I feel the love vibration in my heart. I feel it expanding throughout my body. All there is, is love…love…love.

Practice forgiving yourself throughout the day for all the moments that you are not exuding love to yourself and others. Forgive others for all the moments they do not exude love towards you. Do not be afraid to be seen for who you are. As you forgive, you set yourself free to be who you need to be, and make it easier for others to be who they need to be.

By this simple practice you can learn to broadcast love, stay in high vibration and become the source of healing for others. There is not one person who does not grow and heal from the broadcast of Love. And when you are broadcasting this love, healing and abundance it is, as it must, return to you.

Author's Bio: 

Yamini Bhatt is on a mission to effectively shift the consciousness of our world. As a profoundly successful, internationally recognized, transformational teacher and healer, Yamini integrates several powerful, carefully selected and individually tailored healing modalities for both groups and individuals. Yamini founded Riddham (defined as Opulence) Online Spiritual Center to serve those who seek to overcome their fears and limitations and releasing struggles and to find the truths from within for a profound shift in consciousness. Yamini is an Ordained Minister, Certified in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), a Spiritual Restructuring Teacher, Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Certified Prosperity Guide. She has served on the Board of Directors and as President for the Spiritual Response Association (SRA).