Yes, I know it’s the season for losing 100 pounds and getting really skinny and looking like a supermodel and good for you, go for it, I hope it is a success. But can I just suggest something else. This year while you are working out and learning all about women’s fitness, I dare you to go a bit deeper than the superficiality of those magazines you see in front of the cashier at Walmart. This year consider your lifestyle; consider what you want out of life for the rest of your life. You may struggle trying to lose weight after three or so months because you have no long-term outlook other than getting into smaller pants. Changing your lifestyle will also get you into smaller pants but it may also help you to realize the importance of living actively to help you live longer. Here are a few things you can think about when it comes to making this permanent change to your life.
1. You don’t need to exercise for 2 hours a day. Studies show that 30 minutes will do and you can even break that down into three 10 minute sessions. That is totally doable. You will see results if you can make this happen.
2. Consider your diet and the implications your food choices has on your heart and other organs rather than on your hips size. Realizing that what you eat makes your insides not work properly. This may help you to see why good nutrition is important. Don’t starve yourself, that’s an eating disorder people, but consider the portions and food groups and go with that.
3. Take your time. If you haven’t been active for a long time get into activity slowly. Personally, I started one day a week b/c that’s all I wanted to do, I gradually started adding days because I was feeling better and before I knew it I was working out 3-4 times per week. Also consider the type of exercise you are choosing. If you start on something too hard you could injure yourself.
4. Enjoy the activities you choose. Try things that are your level and mix it up. That way you will avoid boredom.
5. Mind your pocketbook. Yes, I own and I started the company because quite frankly, working out is expensive. I wanted something inexpensive and that I could do at home that would be fun. Plus I created so that it would give me different workouts each months because I get bored easily. Other things you could try would be going outdoors to exercise like biking, hiking, walking, and yes if you dare even jogging. These things don’t cost a thing.
6. Lastly, I would encourage you to find some friends who enjoy being active in their life. Find someone who you can relate too. A fanatic might turn you off or de-motivate you but someone who likes to get out and actually enjoy real activity and exercise would be fun to chum around with. But be aware your attitude will greatly impact whether or not they will want to be around you☺.
This year should be the year when you put yourself in a good position to be alive for a long time. Fat comes and goes, but you only get one life. So take care of it and make the most of it!

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Tammy Andreotti is the president of Her goal is to help busy Moms live out an active and healthy lifestyle through fitness and exercise. Tammy also spends much of her time coaching, and researching the latest information on fitness and well-being. is an ease-to-use online exercise program. It promises fitness that fit's Moms life.