Your health, both mental and corporal, is very important when it comes to ensuring that your daily life is the best it can be. Taking care of your diet is the first step to great health, but your attitude also has a big impact on things.

There are three main areas that can prevent you from releasing weight and improving your health. Your diet, the exercise you get and your mental attitude all affect your health. It’s rarely effective to completely change everything overnight, so patience is key. In order to release the extra weight, remember that it may be necessary to spend some time making internal changes before you see any external results.

Before Your Transformation

The first thing you need to do when planning a body and mind transformation is evaluate your health levels. This should include both mind and body. It’s usually worth it to get a checkup and find out if you have any health conditions that might affect you.
Even relatively minor issues like excess weight, overly high blood sugar, or sleep problems can affect your overall health more than you might think. Your doctor can help you decide what is appropriate for your health level.

Getting Started

Now that you are aware of just where your health is, it’s time to plan the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your desired goals.

One of the more common goals is to release weight, so this is a good example to look at. You’ll want to brainstorm ideas for changing your lifestyle, but keep the goals small, like steps to lead you to the bigger goal.

For example, releasing weight can be done through a number of lifestyle changes such as reducing the amount of sugar that you eat. Set a goal amount and reduce your sugar to that level for a week. As an example, if you tend to drink two or three sodas daily, don’t attempt to stop cold turkey, just reduce it to one a day, then one every other day and so on until you have quit.

A great trick to ensure that you don’t eat too much processed and high calorie foods is to ensure that you simply don’t buy it. This will also force your entire family to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Increasing the amount of exercise you get is also key to releasing weight, but if you find hitting the gym to be a bore, do something more interesting or get a friend to do it with you. Even a quick walk at lunch can drastically affect the way you feel and look.

For those with issues sleeping, there may be too many distractions in your bedroom. This room should be used only for sleep, but often we use it for watching TV, reading and even work or accessing the internet. All of these activities can distract you and stimulate your mind, which makes it more difficult to sleep when it comes time. Stick to sleeping only in your bedroom and you’ll find it easier to fall asleep when you head there.

Don’t Get Discouraged

To ensure good health, your attitude toward things is very important. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? This can affect the way you see the world and the events in it. When you feel that you are a victim, helpless to control things, you’ll often end up unhappy and living a life you don’t enjoy. When you see problems as challenges, you’ll find that this attitude enables you to find solutions to the obstacles you face in your everyday life.

Don’t worry if you tend to have a more negative outlook on things. You can actually change this and since a good attitude is key to achieving your goals, it’s a good idea to try. Start by looking back on all the good things that have happened during the day. You may even wish to write these down every day to help remind yourself of the positive things that occur on a daily basis. Over time, you’ll find it easier to recognize the positive in your life.

If you’re looking to release weight and get healthier, then your attitude and diet will make all the difference. Work on your goals a step at a time and you’ll make it!

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Ange is a Mind~Body Expert and Coach who specializes in my helping moms who have tried it all, release their weight, find their groove and ignite the power within to transform their lives and create their ideal body. As a mind-body therapist of over 20 years, Ange uses "The Release The Weight Blueprint For Moms Who've Tried it All" her 5 Step Signature System that gently guides her clients towards restoring hope, addressing their fears so they can connect with their true essence and fully fall in love with who they are.

Ange is a board-certified holistic health coach, nutritionist, licensed social worker and a certified prenatal and postpartum wellness specialist. Ange is the Baltimore Family Fitness Examiner for