The modern world is used, as it were, to lead an aimless life. From her very birth, Ma-Mahajnan, the Transcendent Mother, has been utterly self-disciplined. There has been nobody to direct her, teach her or to uncover her insight. She is self-born, self-fulfilled and self-revealed. Anybody, who watches her at all hours of day and night---managing her household at every step, looking after the temple, doing good to the society, will easily feel that the talent, intelligence and sagacity she displays in achieving man’s well-being in all possible ways, are beyond the easy reach of an highly educated person. The objective itself points to the high standard of Mother’s reasons and knowledge. Now the question is this. Is Mother’s objective something to be realized by the devotee alone, or is it meant also for everybody? After all, Ma-Mahajnan is the Universal Mother, who commands respect from every corner of this planer.

Not to speak of the modern times only—in the world of desire man has always been like a rudderless sailor. He hoists his sail. He drifts about every puff of wind blowing against the sail. Sometimes a man reaches the shore. He finds himself in the midst of a human habitation; it lends strength to his backbone. Somebody again dashes against a solitary sandbank. But we can not hope that anybody has ever been as fortunate as we are, nor will be. We do not by what a stroke of good fortune we have suddenly drifted up against a towering ship. She has salvaged us and taking us along on board. How grateful are we to understand that full realization is a matter of slow and steady progress as a ship which proceeds touching at every port. In that connection we make this appeal. If a person feels in his life that the ebb-tide is setting in, he should make an effort to understand who the Transcendent Mother is, what has she created? Without that, what does it avail to know about the superb ideal or subtle objective, indeed!].

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What’s your Mother’s end in view? Some ask, what’s your end in view? Can you say, indeed, what’s my end in view? Once you’re asked this question, why can’t you come out with the answer? As for myself, I’m, in fact, giving out my end in view time and again. Still they can’t understand it. In that case how can you explain that anew and in a nutshell?

Well enough! Such things as truth, ideal, justice, morality—everybody knows of them. What will your mother explain anew regarding these things! Again why should we feel interested at all! For a long time we have read, known and understood all about these things.—This is what they are saying, aren’t they?

Is it so? Now ask them to search and probe. There are some lacunae everywhere. You’re to progress along the path of truth by way of temperance in eating and denying sense-pleasures. You are to bring to bear upon everything a flawless judgment.

What’s there at the bottom of an ideal? Say, if you can. Harmony. Patience and tolerance. Have you found it in the truth of all ages or are you still busy finding it? In case you are, there was no necessity in my making an appearance, was there? Surely, I understand the necessity more than you do. Or the Great Unseen, from whom I got or am getting my hints, understands it more than I do.

Well, why don’t you see such a simple thing? Is there anybody who will cook once again the rice already cooked? One never does. Now see, what’s wrong with that cooking. If you can’t, scan and chew on what I leave behind in black and white. Besides, bring your insight to bear on that. But if you can’t do away with desire and attachment, your eyes of flesh will only be dazzled.

O my goodness! What silly things do you speak! If you can’t understand, come up. I’ll make you feel practically and show you if it happens to contain some raw grains of rice within. You’ll then understand—true religion isn’t what you have traditionally looked upon, you have got used to do like that. Surely, there’s something novel in that, no doubt about it. You’re getting all muddled up to start with. Then how can you find out things which have sunk to the bottom and are lost.

You have just one idea—‘Can she have anything new to say? We already know this.’ Well, if you do, then why’s there so much lamentation and woe. Why do I not find a paradise in every home? Why do I find misery, thinking about illusions, restless wandering? If you have known truth, you’ve no need for copying. The thing itself will be working enough for you. Oh, dear, you don’t get the point? Well, that I mean in reality. Sixteen begets sixteen—I say, open wide your closed doors. Then only you’ll understand everything. This is not the truth you’ve seen in the past.

Truth brings only peace in its wake. It dispels wants and grievances, drives away illusions. Could you now say what I have got to offer to you? What’s the end I have in view? Further, why do you keep firing away questions in the same way without seeing and knowing anything? Would you if there had been nothing new? Again, what if I say it’s all new?

What is meant by truth and religion? Is it just word of the mouth or working like a horse? Come, come one and all, don’t ask questions, take away your answers. You’ll then get ‘novelty’ after your heart.

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