During these end/beginning, contrived and natural times, many are experiencing loss of many kinds on many levels, including grief of all sorts. As intelligent beings, we question why and how and where is God, our Great Creator. This experience that I share may help bring some healing to all, including myself, who question God and the opposite of Unconditional Love in such a world as we are currently existing in, together.

Loss is a mult-leveled process of transformation. It can take us down through grief, but it can also set us free of those things and persons who no longer are kind or beneficial to our positive choices to move on past the past.

The very feeling of loss can create powerlessness in its effect on us. For loss is not something we necessarily predicate or welcome. Some losses can turn into great victory of spiritual lessons for individuals. That is the goal to strive for when these occurrences happen.

What does it mean to carry on through loss and why did it happen? Why does Great Creator let atrocious attacks happen to humanity?

When we are conceived, we are at the mercy of the beings we are conceived through. The physical realms pull us forth into conditions beyond our control. Some beings who are conceived don’t ever get the chance to be born as per their conception. That right there proves that Great Creator is not physical, because being thrown into circumstances that are the opposite of positive for newborns is quite atrocious. Some love beings don’t even make it to birth and some, if they make it that far from their parents choices, are left to the external elements of conditional circumstances they are born into upon birth. So, beings are born to all kinds of beings in all kinds of places and situations. Most are not pleasant. Most persons are not kind to themselves nor others, yet they become parents of completely dependent beings. That is a very dangerous scenario.

Which brings me to the point that this life on the physical plane is seeming to reflect that the purpose of Transformation in the physical realms is about being in service to help ourselves ethically and others. People Helping People. God does not always save the newly conceived. Nor does God always save the newborns from being abused. Who saves them are the people.


So, then who is God and why does God matter if God does not save the newly conceived, newborns, children, suffering adults, disrespected elders and Mother Earth’s contaminated foods? Why does God not save us from LOSS?

It is because God is not physical. God, Great Creator, Source Intelligence, the most Supreme Unconditional Love Being that created us from consciousness is SPIRIT born of SOUL. It is who brought itself INTO Life in the Beginning!

Without God’s wanting to exist, well, none of us would exist. So, thank you God for choosing thyself to bring thyself into existence! We too can now know ourselves through thee and thy consecrated choice to imagine us into being! Also, thank you Great Creator for whatever goodness you do gift us in the form of Eternal Life and Spiritual Release into Contentment upon leaving this 3-1, 4-1 multi-dimensional existence! All good is very easy to give thanks for...

Thanking God for the bad stuff is a bit harder...

SPIRIT is the life-force energy that brings forth its own nana-particles through mathematics and geometry of fractal forms in order to come into physicality. This form is what forms us into bodies We are formed into shapes that become the beings in the physical planes that become alive through all stages of growing up. Therefore, the physical realm is what we are. God is not physical, that’s what we were created for! We were brought forth through the choice of Unconditional Love from Great Creator’s visions of each one of us. Every individual can only feel their consciousness of existence. Personal Consciousness. Self-Awareness. Through this enlightenment, we learn and can begin to feel what others are feeling. But first we must be conceived to make it being born.

Therefore, since God is spiritual and the soul of our heart, who then helps us physically when miracles occur and help shows up supernaturally? PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE AND OTHER LOVE BEINGS HELPING US IS THE WAY GREAT CREATOR’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR US COMES TO US THROUGH THE PHYSICAL REALMS.

If God were physical, all would be perfect. As we are existing, we intelligently learn that this life is not perfect. Therefore and obviously, God is not physical.

So, what does God do for us if God does not save us physically from suffering?

God moves our individual hearts to share, help, and heal. People helping People is how you know God is within you.

You yourself have been helped and saved if you are alive and reading this message. You yourself would have or have not all you have or have not based on having been completely dependent on others. It is a great Enlightenment to realize that one would not be physical without the physical help of others. Therefore, when one seeks Spirituality and awakens to this fact, and then seeks the comfort available, then one becomes grateful. Gratitude overflows from the Heart for the chance to have lived to the point that one learns that they still have the chance to get their life right!

Time is on our side! All who exist physically still have the chance to get life right, in the Heart! As adults, that translates into learning that it is a responsibility of personal free-will choice to help get this world right too while still here!

What would you do differently today if you knew that you were going to pass away tomorrow and be reborn right back into where you are when you left? Would you help yourself more, would you help others more, would you help free our Mother Earth and her children?

So then, what is the benefit of seeking a spiritual life? Ah, spiritual comfort! This gift is available to those who have faith in the unseen world of quantum existence and co-creation by a love being greater than the greatest minds in all of existence.

For Great Creator is all HEART! It is from Heart that mind became aware of its existence.



GREAT CREATOR is the COMFORT that we all seek.

This comfort is the moving force of quantum physics that co-creates positive existences and outcomes. Without the feeling of receiving comfort through the being that created us, we are rather doomed to suffering in this physical life that depends on the help of others who may or may not have our best contentment at heart. To survive and thrive, we need the overstanding that this physical world is temporary. In Quantum Physical facts, it is simply a place that you have come to as a visitor and spiritual tourist!

In order to Co-Create a better world, it is imperative that those who are experiencing loss embrace the overstanding knowledge that the real secret to eternal physical contentment is in the hands of People Helping People! For it is a balance of giving and receiving; the epitome of perfect pendulum swings on the natural time clock of our individual progress.

Loss is another from of suffering. We all go through grief of the loss of a loved one, friend or stranger who all deserve the recognition of having lived and died on our Mother Earth. Sometimes, right next to us. There are also other forms of major losses like broken hearts and broken minds.

The big difference to more or less suffering for humanity lies in the hands of others; PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

The Comfort of Great Creator is likened to parents who are always there for their children, even after they watched them grow up and then had to help them leave home in order for them to co-create their own new life based on their own free-will choices. The spiritual parents always stay available for comfort. They are there for their children when the child seeks comfort from them at all stages of their life, and irregardless of the choices they make and the things that happen to them whilst being on their own in this great big world. Thus, it is the same with God.

Father God and Mother Goddess reach out to us to comfort us. Although God does not hand us coats and money and success on silver platters, we are called into action to help others through sharing the gift of receiving the comfort of loving parents. And, of course, we all know miracles are real and that once again, supernaturally or otherwise, it is through other loving beings, Angels, and other spiritual beings that we sometimes receive help from!

So, seek ye the comfort of your Creator Father God and Mother Goddess to receive some relief from suffering. Although we all see the suffering of good people everywhere, it is those with faith in the unseen of the goodness of the Father God and Mother Goddess reaching out to our individual hearts who learn that we are here to help others, and to receive help from others.

Our Father God and Mother Goddess are loving their life and are their for us when we seek them out. Great Creator is comfort for us. We all have suffered upon conception and birth, because of the process of being brought forth from spirit soul into physical form. And we all return to the Source of where we came from in spirit form.

We all are taken back into to the hands of Great Creator and out of the physical shell at some moment in natural time. Therefore, let us have compassion for each other and use our own experiences of being born as newborns completely dependent on others, as the intelligent framework and foundation on which to build compassion for others upon. It is this dependency on others forced upon us at birth that teaches us and enlightens us to the plight of others, for every adult was a newborn at some time. So then let the new paradigm be that the superpowers of humanity include kindness and compassion for others. This quantum leap is what is building the new cosmic POSITIVE gridwork and it is the foundation on which the new paradigm of existence is being co-created, in order to have a better world without suffering. It is happening through People Helping People.

Find comfort in the hands of Great Creator who holds us lovingly. Feel the release of learning that we are the physical beings that are here to help others.

Once you have the Spirit of the Great Creator transform you, you shall become in service to helping others feel better, for you yourself know of the suffering of yourself. Let that knowledge of your own intelligence and your own life that you were there for the whole time, enlighten you to the plights of others. Then give from that which you receive.

Once you look into the eyes of Great Creator who created you from Unconditional Love for your own good, then you will wish you had been a better physical being. And obviously, the real and only way to be a better person is to help ourselves get better and to also help other persons get better. For, that is what we get to take with us when we leave this world.

Although Great Creator may not always give the physical things that you need right now, you are being assisted, comforted and helped through the movement of what you are going through. So, you may indeed at some point, due to others helping and feeling gratitude for their own abundance, receive assistance through God moving the hearts of those who help others. Share that goodness that you find in yourself and others and indeed, you will probably find eternal, spiritual peace while still in your body!

God moving the hearts of People to help other People is the ANSWER to a better world for all!

It is this knowledge that can help offset Loss. When it is your time to leave this physical realm, you will consciously be aware of all you did. May you receive the blessing of eternal life now, while still alive in the physical realm! Where you go after the great meeting with Great Creator shall be determined by what you do now.

Receive Help and Give Help!

It is the Answer to a balanced life, not necessarily a perfect life. People helping people is where out hearts go upon receiving the comfort of the unseen Eternal Life of Intelligent Existence!

So we have arrived at finding out that indeed we are helped through Great Creator, unseen.

It is through other Love Beings helping other LOVE BEINGS even from Heaven!

When Faith lifts the heart, one begins to want to share that Unconditional Love from the gift that was given!


Receive Comfort and Give to Others with the Gratitude that one feels when helping others who need it. The gift of giving and receiving is one of the secrets of eternal life.
It is the TRANSFORMING QUANTUM LEAP that translates LOSS INTO LOVE. For we are all searching, seeking, and waiting for the answer that will relieve suffering and lack.

We/Me/You/Guardian Spirits/Angels of Mercy/Personal Guardians and all Love Beings are the Answers we have been searching for! Great Creator moves our hearts to be in service to help others, and much of those reasons why are because we ourselves have felt the Comfort that all seek.

With such Gratitude for the Mercy of how Great Creator’s Unconditional Love moves the Hearts of others to help us, we envision a better existence for all and have the information now on how to achieve a better world for all!

The Spiritual Answer is Beings Helping Other Beings To Receive From Others and for them to Give To Others and All Through The Heart!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is a writer, artist, and Energy Philanthropist. She had a Drowning, Near-Death Experience that taught her about Spiritual Immortality. She strives to share the Unconditional Love shared with her while visiting Great Creator on 'the other side'. To fulfill her mission, love it, and practice the lessons based on quantum manifestation of receiving and giving are some of the reasons she feels she was returned to life!