The deity of creation is Brahma, propagator is Vishnu and destructor is Lord Shankar. Thus various cosmic activities take place. The world grows because of creation of living beings and objects. Whatever is created is nourished and hence maturity sets in. That which has grown and got nourished will ultimately age and wither and thus is rendered as waste matter. Thus it is best that it is destroyed. Destruction is the basis of creation. It is only when the old harvest is cut that a new harvest can grow. If beings did not die how could they get rebirth? The world is aptly managed via creation, propagation and destruction. If death did not occur, how can new matter be unearthed for creation? At the time of creation God had created a certain amount of matter which is reused via recycling. Thus worldly activities go on. Thus destruction is as revolutionary as creation is. It is apt to say that death is an auspicious beginning for recreation.

Lord Shankar dwells in the graveyard. He wears a garland of skulls. The great serpent of death is coiled in his neck and sacred thread. When he opens his 3rd eye fire manifests everywhere. If out of ire he opens his eye the person whom he sees gets burnt to ashes. Once when god of passion Kamadeva tried to delude Lord Shankar the former was burnt to death. His Virbhadra, Bhairava and Nandigana are so terrific that merely imagining them induces horrification. When there is a need of world annihilation or Pralaya he commences the Tandava dance. The more his dance steps speed up aging and rotting materials of the world get burnt in an inferno and disappear in interstellar space. The element of sin falls at his feet. In pictures of Shiva Tandava dance a terrified living being with face pointing to the floor is seen. On its back Lord Nataraj dances the Tandava. This element of sin is none other than beasts dwelling in man’s psyche. Again and again it is admonished via speech. The aim of the Tandava dance is to defeat this element of sin and overcome its power of illusion.

The demonic nature of element of sin enters the human psyche via many deluded forms and in order to entice it in the mesh of narrow minded selfishness, desires and yearnings gives many attractions and alluring enticements. A person lacking rationality gets entangled in them and in order to fulfill his/her desires performs lowly actions. One who is entangled in the element of sins work only to fulfill selfish desires and totally ignores righteous duties, ethics, human values etc. If there is no desire where is the need? Why hoard comforts? Such a gigantic mountain of desires stands in front of us that while climbing it all our energy is dissipated. Thus one sees only lack everywhere and what is available seems very miniscule. Under such situations in order to hoard things for sense enjoyment one follows the path of lawlessness and illegality. A person entangled via the element of sins always thinks unethically. He acts unethically too. He feels that if he imbibes self control and ethics he will face poverty. Self control seems dry and arid. Hence he thinks it is ‘wise’ to run in the direction of hoarding and sense merriment. In this way righteous duty and ideals are completely ignored and only unethical means are resorted to.

Under such demeaned conditions it is Rishis, saints and Avatars who appear in this world to show the right path to mankind. Again and again they assuage our pain and hardships. Repairing works many a times. Very influential religious leaders can bring about contemporary reforms too. No doubt these succeed too but yet a situation arises wherein all that is withered and old needs to be broken down and in its place neo creation activities have to be taken up. This is because a person entangled in the element of sin refuses to listen to wisdom and his/her psyche becomes like a sticky pot. Further so called religious leaders themselves behave so deluded that the mockery of reforms on their part never succeeds. When so called religious flag bearers themselves behave unrighteous it becomes clear that the opportunity of reforming world society has passed by and no amount of bandaging/repairing will work. This venomous situation must undergo a major operation where a lot of tearing apart is involved.

From the superficial standpoint today’s world compared to ancient times is more prosperous, full of material means and more capable. It appears as though speedily we are marching ahead on the path of progress. This material measurement may be true yet in the spiritual arena things are very lopsided. Greatness and idealism seem to be disappearing in our sentimental area. It is rare to find men of great character who are true in thought word and deed. We fail to find people who harbor oneness of soul, cooperation, selfless service to the world and generosity. Inner poverty is so widespread that its fearful repercussions are direr than any famine. This then is the biggest ill fate of humanity and the entire world. Due to lack of it this so called prosperous material world is burning in hell like inferno where in actuality so much material prosperity should have created a heavenly situation on planet earth.

This lack can be fulfilled only via neo creation. When copper utensils break they have to be melted and molded anew. When type of a press gets rubbed they have to be sent to a foundry for melting and remolding. Today man’s psyche too like broken copper vessels has become vain and hence is useless. Now it will have to be melted in remolded anew. In factories where melting and molding take place huge blast furnaces burn. The broken metals, ores are purified first in it. In order to transform its harshness into sensitivity it has to first enter blazing fire. Via mankind small furnaces can be made to mould ores but in order to transform billions of heartless men into their true utilizable nature that gigantic furnace is required which will require big widespread arrangements. Mahakal these days is exactly doing this.

The final Tandava dance of world annihilation takes place when nature made of 5 elements becomes old and withered. Since the elements age, they cannot function in a timely manner. Seasons do not manifest in time and obstructions come in the way of world creation, propagation and destruction. Earth’s fertility power declines drastically and stars, galaxies etc cannot work in a timely fashion. Under such situations Mahakal’s ultimate Tandava dance manifests blazing infernos so as to tatter and make shreds of this world and Mahakali takes the form of a mother to neo create this world. In Indian mythology a decorative description is found regarding the great night of this great destruction. When this great night passes by the world is neo created.

This great world annihilation takes place after billions of years. But at the time of era transformation generally an explosion of partial annihilation is witnessed. This is Mahakal’s partial dance but is called Tandava. When man’s psyche due to intense taints reaches that level wherein that reformist activities fail to do good at that time Mahakal has to use terrible weapons. Generally during such situations in order to punish the lay public harshly Lomharsha like tasks have to be imbibed. In order to execute such terrific harsh actions the god of destruction Lord Shankar takes up his Rudra form since it involves creating bloody situations.

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