What are your goals for 2010? Use the power of transformation of this year!

Your dreams define the quality of your life, if you are proactively creating
dreams that are the expression of your heart and soul. If they are an expression of your heart and soul you have the compassion to reach this goal.

Proactive means that you decide what matters to you and what you are going to do about it BEFORE it becomes an issue or problem. Set up a business plan for your dream life. Please explain it in your dream book in details (business, job, familiy, house, firends, holidays etc).

Reactive means you wait to see what life throws at you and then you respond -
viscerally, not rationally. Our “gut response” has a tendency to get us into trouble. Usually this is done by the seat-of-your-pants, in panic mode. It is not very efficient, nor is it effective. Be the master of your life and use the Law of Goya as my teacher John Assaraf puts it: Get off your ass!
(Excuse me to use that expression)

Dreamers design their lives and then act to make those dreams come true. Standing in your life’s purpose, connected to your passion, your joy, and your gifts, the dreams will be different than if you are simply fixing what’s wrong.

When you feel it is time for an initiation into a new way of living, you can use the following map. Try not to take short cuts as each stage of this process builds on the one that came before it. Each is simple, yet serves a valuable purpose in moving you in the direction of completion.

1. Set an intention for what it is you want or what you are seeking. This shows you are willing and wanting.

2. Declare what you want. Declaring your intention or sharing your dream definitely gets the energy moving.

3. Take action. This demonstrates that you are serious about your intention and taking action solidifies your commitment.

4. And after all this, the final step is detachment. Let it go. For years, when people said to me,
“Just let it go,” I thought they were nuts. “Let what go; and why, and how?” I just didn’t get it. Desire and detachment can coexist. Although at first this may sound contradictory, as you set a clear intention for what you want and then release it, it can unfold naturally. This doesn’t mean that you do nothing. It means that you simply trust without obsessing or controlling. It means you allow others to help you, making room for miracles to occur. This often misunderstood
concept can provide greater ease in achieving your dreams.

These four steps; intention, declaration, action and detachment, together comprise a logical map for initiating and exploring a new way of living, a way filled with power, ease and grace.

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As a success coach Angela supports people to get out of their comfort zone, think big and start their new life and achieve their dreams.
She coaches online and offline, gives lectures, workshops and seminars.