Each one of us is fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to experience life as a human being. One thing that we can’t predict is how that life is going to turn out to be. It can’t always be smooth sailing and at the same time, when we go through rough patches, it is important to realize that those won’t last forever either. When life isn’t going as planned, it’s important to delineate a higher level of strong will to go against the odds and to overcome the situations that we are presented with. With an infinite resource of strong will power or resolution, a mind can literally skim across any stumbling block imposed by surrounding circumstances. By virtue of our strong will power, it becomes possible to lower down the barriers and make life an experience to be cherished for eternity.

Life is replete with challenges and thorny issues at times, which can make one feel like one is catapulted into a swamp of messy affairs and that life is leading nowhere. It is up to us as to whether we choose to stand up again and brave through the oddities with our heads held high. With strong resolution, we can not only come out of an infirm state but also achieve remarkable feats.

It is our strong will again that helps us in looking positively at the ups and downs of life. What’s more is it teaches us to take changes in stride. It is important to be a little patient during the upheavals or tempests that life throws at us, since our resolve is what helps us in matching our footsteps once again with the imperial majesty and glory that life has in store for us.

It varies from individual to individual as to what our perception of life is. It is critical that we put aside those perceptions based on tough times we may have lived through at some point, and that we put in the effort to look at it with utmost clarity. We are all well aware that there are miseries in this world. There are innumerable people who are less fortunate and don’t even have the basics required for a simple, non-materialistic existence. We must appreciate what we are fortunate enough to have, rather than focusing on becoming part of the rat race of competitiveness and trying to be “one up”. It takes a great deal of soul searching to eventually get to a point that the mind is strong and hardened to be able to overcome the desire to want to always be better and the want to always get ahead. Instead, let’s try to enjoy the simple pleasures such as admiring the sight of the setting sun and the rising moon, the blooming flowers in the spring or the sound of a running stream. Its these simple pleasures that are all around us that help us in overcoming the sense of constant dissatisfaction.

The next time life throws a challenge at us, let’s face it with headstrong tenacity and deep rooted convictions to overcome it and inspire ourselves to look within us for the optimistic fervor to live life against the odds. Let’s live it the way that makes us happy, not as a façade, but truly as what our inner soul is inspiring us to do. Let’s focus on making a positive difference. Let’s make a secret pledge to ourselves that we are not going to let the tough times or miseries incarcerate our spirit in their evil shackles. In order to do that, we need to feel positive conviction and belief empowered by strong will power. A perfect blend of these essentials can help transform us into valiant hearts that can defy dilemmas as if they don’t even exist.


Author's Bio: 

The author of this article, Sharmilla S McCarthy, is an equitable entity with a great deal of spiritual embellishments.

A wave of challenging events in life have made her beliefs in spiritualism more strong rooted. A simple and unpretentious personality with ordinary traits, she has scaled ranges of success in her own domain. She claims an enviable package of entrepreneurial, technical and management experience to her credit.

In her life span to date, she had to be subjected to unpredictable situations where she had to exert all the paraphernalia of strong will, self reliance, intelligence as well as spirituality that she possessed as characteristic features of her enigmatic persona. In spite of being hit by a torrent of ill-fated events, she never severed her ties with the fountain of spirituality that incessantly germinates from her soul. She has chosen to live life with a positive mindset, with a "glass half full" perspective and trusted in self healing methods. Her entire life has been as if a comprehensive schooling which mentored her, honed up her capacity of positive thinking and shaped up her insurmountable personal integrity.

In parallel with a full fledged career, she is currently putting together her experience and knowledge in building and shaping up of a virtual spiritual organization known called "Satyabhaktidham". This organization is dedicated to impart insight on spiritual aspects and positive thinking. Her chief objective is to help people overcome life's challenges. She is available for online and email consultations and can be contacted at satyabhaktidham@yahoo.com.