September is coming. My life will be changing greatly in September as I seek employment and have less time to do the things which I love like writing, studying, meditating, and passing on words of inspiration. Yet again, I feel that things are happening as they should.

Today we are engaged in a great battle. I hate to sound old fashion or like Star Wars, but we are fighting against forces of evil now. We are fighting against forces of darkness, mean spiritedness, and the biocidal individuals who want to destroy everything aligned with nature and growth and make it into a cold machine with people serving as cogs and commodities.

All of the vehicles for the healing of the society have been taken over. They have been invaded and inhabited by the destructive hypocrites who seek to destroy the body of the Earth. The very institutions created to improve the lot of humanity and to maintain a healthy society are being used to destroy it and take us backward to a new dark age with a fascist government and religious structure in charge. The light still shines, however. As long as we hold the light in our hearts and remain immune to the viral disease we will win. We will turn this movement toward darkness around and create a new, kinder, more beautiful world. What is the virus?

The virus is the need to be better. It is the need to be the best individual, or part of the best religion, or race, or group. It is the need to hold a position at the top of some empire or the other—to be a big fish in a small pond or a larger one. It is the need to prove that we have worth and dignity by conquering instead of seeing and understanding that we already have worth and dignity as a gift of our creator. This seeing—this understanding is the cure for the epidemic in which we find ourselves. To stop performing to be the best human being, and to begin living as a group of people who are all unique in their own ways like pieces of an elaborate puzzle that make up the beauty and wonder of God will cleanse us from the narrow thinking that is the fertile ground for this sickness.

When we realize this “we realize,” as Briane Swimme, the Cosmologist said, “that the only sin, if there is one, is not developing one's wisdom, one's unique beauty,” and one's ability to connect, I add. Because without these things, the universe will never be complete, and we will never truly see the face of God. Let us get rid of the poison of misperception in our own souls and then fight the good fight that will free us from the virus of fear, selfishness, and mental manipulation. Throw out all lies, all propaganda, all foolishness no matter how well it is spinned and seek the truth in love and in justice and we will all be free. We will indeed be free.

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Om Prakash (Rev., Dr. John Gilmore) Is a Writer, Wellness Consultant, Massage Therapist and an overall Healer. He has been working since 1993 to help heal people from the effects of living in a dehumanizing, power over society and having to partake of the mentality that takes one on the easy road to success. To learn more about Om Prakash please visit our webpage, where you can learn about some of his healing practice and view our free gifts catalog and books.