Liposuction, sometimes referred to as suction-assisted lipectomy, liposculpture, or body contouring, is the suction of excess fat. Male liposuction is liposuction that specifically targets the areas in which men most commonly store excess fat – namely, the “spare tire” area, the flanks, “love handles,” “beer belly,” “muffin top.” These are all aliases of the area of the mid-torso. While women have a tendency to gain weight in the extended region from their ribs to their knees, men have a more isolated area in which they gain fat. An expert at removing this excess fat and sculpting the male torso to appear more fit, toned, athletic and handsome is the best friend of any man. After the surgery, your fat is usually stored and then harvested, in a safe, cryogenic state for future use to inject into your face, chin, or other areas that can become fat-depleted and skeletal as one ages. A licensed tissue bank is necessary to do this procedure.

For most men, the holy grail of their existence is to achieve that v-shaped physique which not only makes them a lot more attractive, but helps maintain a healthy hip-to-waist ratio necessary for optimal overall health and well-being. When diet and lack of exercise or sometimes heredity, keeps you from meeting your goals, liposuction or in this case, Liposculpture, is a surgical option to getting there.

There is a high demand amongst mid-aged urban men for male liposuction which employs techniques that deliver these results.

In the hands of a skilled surgeon and a body contouring expert, liposculpture can be a powerful tool, targeting areas of stubborn fat, removing that so-called “spare tire” and helping to achieve that v-shape. This procedure is typically about 2 hours and does require a few days of recovery. Bruising and swelling is normal and diminishes in due course. Your procedure may include one or some application of several techniques, selected to achieve the best result
for each individual case.

Safety should always come first. Every surgery is an intricate thing and should therefore be taken seriously.
The ideal male liposuction procedure should involve putting patients in a comfortable state of twilight sleep, where the patient is unarousable and is awakened only after the procedure is over. Due to advancements in anesthesia and new medications possessing a shorter half-life, male liposuction patients no longer have to contend with nausea, vomiting or grogginess; rather, the emergence from anesthesia is crisp and clear. The most sterile conditions should be observed in the operating room, with board-certified anesthesiologists and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment commensurate with the highest hospital standards. Also every intraoperative maneuver should be executed with precision and care, and all wounds sewn in multiple layers.
Male liposuction should never be rushed, as the patients will live with the result for the rest of their lives. An expert body contourer understands that the aesthetics of male liposuction needs to be sophisticated and reflective of elegance. After all, cosmetic surgery is nothing less than artwork on the human form.

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