There is an entire forgotten continent, or at least that’s how it seems to me at times. I’m speaking, of course, of Africa—so much violence and devastation, so many displaced people, so much famine and disease, and yet, such an incredibly beautiful place, filled with God’s children.

But I don’t have to look that far to realize that black people have gotten the short end of the stick. With each passing anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I am reminded of just how terrible much of black history has been and continues to be. And I wonder about my role in it, about our collective role in it.

So I’m grateful that there are fabulously wealthy individuals who are doing something about what’s happening, and in a very visible way. In this country, I’m especially grateful to Harry Connick, Jr. for shining a light on what continues to be an unforgivable apathy toward our own fellow citizens. Do you really think that same abandonment would have happened if, for example, Katrina had wiped out much of Kennebunkport? Or the Hamptons? Or Martha’s Vineyard?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, coupled with the hard-to-fathom wealth of Warren Buffett, have the power to provide incredible healing in Africa and elsewhere. And there’s Bono, the Irish statesman/rocker who continues to tirelessly bring resources where there is so much need. Other wealthy celebrities are doing that as well, but sometimes we would rather focus on the lurid gossip of their personal lives.

Over the years, as I’ve watched the TV news reports of starving children in Africa, I’ve had the breath knocked out of me and been brought to my knees at the site of emaciated, huge-eyed, dark-skinned children practically dying right there on the screen...because they don’t have even the basic necessities for survival. This ain’t no Hollywood movie. It’s the ultimate reality show.

So what can I do?

Through the channelings of Kryon by Lee Carroll (bless you, Lee), I have been made aware of just how little I really contribute in the “name” of calling myself a lightworker and a healer. How much time do I actually devote to prayer and healing of those places on Earth that are just begging for the light to wash over them? Do I do so on a daily basis?

If all that’s required, as Kryon has said, are two minutes of our time, can I make that commitment? Will I heed Kryon’s call to wake focus less on my own personal dramas and to take the power that God has placed within me, within us all, and use it to help?

Now I know there will be some reading this who will say, “Who do you think you are? How can you possibly have any impact through your prayer or healings on what is such a seemingly insurmountable situation?”

I can and I do.

What occurs as I sit in solitude and direct my attention to those forgotten places encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. I feel the power of God course through my body, into my hands, overflowing my heart...the compassion and love so powerful that I just know it is helping.

Africa—I will not forget you. Those affected by Hurricane Katrina—I will not forget you.

As I raise my own vibration, I help raise the vibration of this beautiful Earth and her children. Won’t you do the same? Can you spare two minutes a day?


Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., is a healer and channel for Divine Sophia and others, having experienced an opening of these abilities through a healing of her own. Following a career in teaching, counseling and human resources, her skills are now more specifically focused on supporting others in their own awakening process. See for details.

Author's Bio: 

Raised in a military family, Maria moved between various Army bases, most of them in Germany. At age 17 she moved back to the U.S. to attend the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!) where she earned a B.A. degree and then taught German and English to high school and college students.

She later earned a Master’s in Counseling and Psychology and became Director of an alternative treatment center for people with HIV/AIDS, offering holistic treatment modalities including counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, and nutritional education.

From there she took her first job in Human Resources. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, her career spanned various industries. She also went back to grad school and completed some of the coursework towards a MBA.

Along with career exploration, she is a spiritual seeker. Through her own personal Reconnection and healing from life-threatening illness, her heart and life were blessedly cracked wide open. She is a channel for Divine Sophia and other Beings of the Light, doing so on TV, radio, and print media. Her clients reach out to her from all parts of the globe.

An outdoor enthusiast with a love for hiking and cycling, she lets nature inspire her art through photography and writing.