Ladies if you haven't learned this by now you might not ever. Men think about sex a lot. This is our nature we desire it, we fantasize about it, and we want it all the time. Back up a bit that last little part isn't quite true. Men want sex all the time isn't exactly true we want it until we can have it. Our mind it focused on it until we reach that golden ring. I did a little experiment recently and found that once I had sex I was able to focus more on other tasks be it at work or home more easily for about two days. Once that third day hit my mind started telling me to think about sex again. Which got me thinking, it we had sex every three days my wife would never be able to tell me that all I think about is sex! I read somewhere that most really successful men have a lot it common but one of those things is that they never had to worry about was sex. They said their partner was always there for them in that capacity. Then in another article I read it said that couples that have more sex are happier and live longer. Are you starting to see the trend like I am. Ladies here is my feeling after I read these two articles. If you want your man to be successful, happy and healthy all you have to do is have sex with him on a normal basis so that it doesn't preoccupy his mind. Without having to worry about when he is going to have sex again, or what he can do to get more sex he will be free to think about things like improving his career, fixing up things around the house, and even doing more non-sexual romantic things.

This epic battle of men and women over sex, shouldn't be a battle at all it should be a compromise to benefit your relationship. Men I suggest trying you own little experiment and see how long sex releases it's grip from you mind after you have it. Be honest with yourself and your partner as to when that craving for sex starts to creep back in. Sex everyday is a wonderful thought but it isn't the compromise that most couples make and frankly I don't know if I would actually like to have sex everyday. That might become boring and I never want my sex to become boring. Talk with your partner about this and let them know you are trying to find the compromise that will make you both happy, if they get mad about that then they aren't really putting the effort into your relationship that you both really need.

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Zob Alex writes for The Couples Spot, Erotica by Zob and creates Sexy Challenges as well as Buddy Challenges. His focus is on helping coupes reach their best. Love is constantly changing and we need tools and adjusters to keep us on top of our relationship. Check out more on the The Coupes Spot at