I’ve got a group of people working with me in my Transforming Fear into Action Class. Their assignment is to think of four outrageous actions that would catapult their life forward. Many were having troubles, even after we went through their entire life, rated their level of satisfaction in each category of life and identified what would make life a 10 in that area.

So, here are some ideas on outrageous things you could do this week that would terrify The Drunk Monkey and give yourself an opportunity to see your machine in action. When you see The Drunk Monkey trying to survive non-survival situations, you can recognize how foolish it is and choose to live your dreams instead.

1. Start a new diet or exercise program

2. Call someone you have been putting off calling

3. Put a deposit down on a vacation

4. Take a weekend trip

5. Sign up for dance lessons

6. Sign up for a dating service; call someone you want to date

7. Take your current partner on a date

8. Sign up for Marriage Counseling

9. Go to church

10. Pray

11. Take your children out for a special adventure

12. Take a day off

13. Apologize to someone

14. Go hang out with your parents, brothers, sisters etc.

15. Call someone who you know it would make a difference for

16. Feed the hungry

17. Buy yourself something you’ve been putting off

18. Do something you would never give yourself permission to do

19. Call everyone in your family and tell them that you love them

20. Get a colonic

21. Quit your job

22. Leave your current relationship

23. Start a business

DO SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS!! Something that will disrupt the continuity of your current life and put you on track to live your dreams now, not someday.

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