In very simple terms, “You hold your spouse accountable to agreements they never made!”
We all experience that intense burst of chemicals in our body during the first 18 months of the relationship. The phrase “Love is Blind” refers to that period in the relationship when we are obsessed with the other person and can not see all the attributes which will later be conflicting. This is the universes way of making sure we mate!

Next we decide to dedicate our lives to each other to hold on to that feeling. We are all disappointed when the feeling doesn’t laugh. Eventually the chemicals in your body (powerful mind altering drugs) wear off and the real challenge begins. Love is actually acceptance and not the overwhelming feelings we experience in the beginning. Again, those feelings are just biological chemicals designed to get you making babies.

Most people’s marriages are a down hill battle from there. Why? Because they don’t understand their biology. Your mind, which I call The Drunk Monkey, is designed to keep you alive longer. It does that by avoiding the unknown and sticking with the known. Problem is, you just married the unknown. This person was raised by a different monkey tribe and they believe the world is totally different. Everything they do is different and not your way!

You were attracted to your spouses difference and now that you have solidified the relationship, The Drunk Monkey treats those differences as a threat. “She should do it like I do it!” The Drunk Monkey says. “Hello stupid! Everyone knows THIS is how it is!!” The Drunk Monkey screams in your head as you smile and pretend to be nice.

Most people spend the majority of their marriage trying to convert their spouse to the right way of doing things. Which, of course, is your way. And where did your way come from? You were domesticated like a dog to believe that the world worked the way your parents told you.
Your way isn’t the right way. Your way is the way you were trained (just like a pet monkey) to do things. Let your spouse do things their way and you do things your ways and life will be really good, really fast.

Total and complete acceptance is the only way back to love.

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Matthew Ferry a Life Coach,The Life Coaching Company Matthew Ferry International offers life coaching, law of attraction and dozens of training products and seminars relating to the law of attraction to help you find your passion and love your life.