There are times when life jokes with us. Must be irritating at first but when we come to think of it, its sole purpose is to put a big smile on our face just as how an art lover gets so fascinated in his wall paintings. We question fate as to how it started. Yet by the time that we were about to, our memory lapsed just as that.

Life, despite ups and downs, is the most beautiful thing that has ever existed. We looked back from how our mind can pick some bits and pieces and from basins of tears we realize that it was just something to laugh about. It was lovely. It was majestic. It was all God’s works. Nobody wants chaos. Nobody wants ugly situations. Yet they came for reasons we cannot understand and the worse fact over such was usually, it attacked us unexpectedly which makes us freak out. Yet “this too will pass” and we would look back loving every bit of our life. As over said again what could be better with life than life itself. At the end of it all, beautiful thoughts would linger and lovely things that happened would come to surface from years of the unknown and realize just how we cried a river, beneath us underlies a brilliant Asian art that is yet to surface. We aren’t sure of our own timing yet we are definite of God’s very own timing. And all we need is to trust the Almighty and trust ourselves that as long as we did not intentionally cause harm to others and to ourselves, even the negativity in our lives would be used by the heavens for our own advantage and we say, how it feels good to be deeply loved and how blinded and numb we were not to see and feel it. Yet as we say life got its own brain. No matter how brain-loaded we are from head to toe, life has its own and we call that fate.

Life joked on us just as we thought it did not. Never we knew, it was a path that is meant for us to tread on. Beautifully we care for our sad past and so are the lovely ones. To sum up, some were meant to humble us while most were inflicted to strengthen us just as wall painting needs touch-ups over again to ensure its quality and durability. Yet we cannot be so sure that the next attack of ugly situations in our lives, we’d be prepared as a combat who readied himself for a battle for life’s always full of surprises.—a box of chocolates and as always we never know what we’re gonna get.

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Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging artists focusing on Asian art. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners. She spreads article in the net that can be anything like relationship, womanhood, family, etc and make wall painting and arts metaphoric to them.