Here are five limiting beliefs about personal goal setting that I discovered last Sunday when a passerby overheard my Irish friends and me talking while he was taking some photos. He came over to chat to us.

He is just finishing up his final year in Sydney and unfortunately he couldn't get another visa and has to go back to Ireland.

I identified 5 limiting beliefs that he better lose quick smart:

1.Quit the Blame Game
The guy was blaming the economy, other people and situations for him not getting a visa to wait in Australia. His overall focus was to blame other people instead of looking at himself and seeing what he could have done about the situation.

At the end of the day, life will have its ups and downs, but blaming other people just is not the solution!

2.Take a Compliment
While there was a lull in conversation, I noticed the guy had an awesome camera around his neck that he was using to take some photos of Sydney before he left. It was a lot better than our smartphone cameras so I told him that he had a brilliant camera. He looked at it and said “ah it’s alright I suppose”.

In life, we have to learn to become good ‘receivers’. I learned this at business seminars. It is imperative that when someone gives you a compliment that you accept it and don’t dismiss it. Try to really take it in and be grateful that someone has taken the time to acknowledge a good thing in you. If we always put ourselves down, our subconscious will believe this to be true and we will struggle with our goal setting.

3.Baby Steps
The guy stated telling me and my friends about his master plan to return to Sydney. He told us that when he went back home, he would go to college for six years and then work for two to three years and come back to Sydney after that. I’m not saying it’s wrong to think too far ahead, it’s always good to have a plan but this guy then got a bit agitated and stressed out. He began to focus on the wrong thing. He said it with a look of desperation, as if he didn't believe it was possible.

He was experiencing ‘overwhelm’ and was over thinking things. He should have been focusing on baby steps instead of trying to have everything planned out in his head. By doing so, each step is broken down and it doesn't seem so hard to achieve.

4.Response is Key
Once again this can go back to ‘the blame game’. Situations occur that can take it out of us both physically and mentally, no doubt about it. It is always how we respond that defines us. Sure the guy hadn't got his visa, for whatever reason, but his response wasn't helping either. He was wasting his energy and time wishing things had turned out differently. Well it didn't and there is nothing he can do about it. He has to get back up, dust himself off and starting taking action to turn his life around!

5.Captivity of Negativity
I watched a TV show before and someone mentioned the ‘Captivity of Negativity’, as in focusing on the negative means that it holds your mind captive to this. What we think about, we bring about. The body language and overall tone of this guy was so negative, someone could have cut the tension with a knife. It was hard to maintain a conversation with the guy because he just kept leaning towards the negative. It is a habit that he will have to stop. How? By creating positive affirmations and acknowledging all of the above points. He won’t hit his goals by focusing on the negative all the time, that’s a guarantee.

In order to reach our highest goals, we have to change our attitude. Change that and we can change our world from the inside out!

Author's Bio: 

Gary Daly was born in Ireland and currently resides in Sydney, Australia. Besides a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters in Project Management, he is an accredited FIFA football agent and is also a senior sales consultant.

Gary is passionate about a lot of things, but it is personal goal setting that really gets him excited. The key to Gary's success is clarity of his goals. Read about his success formula in his newly released eBook, "Personal Goal Setting."

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