Have you ever wondered what will happen when you die or what heaven is like? Clues can be found through those who experienced a NDE (near death experience), when their physical body died and their soul went to the other side. Many have shared their incredible stories so others can from the insight from the other side.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) has the largest collection of NDEs in the world—over 4000 in more than 23 languages.

But are NDEs real? How do we know they’re not manufactured by the brain or mind? The NDERF FAQ page addresses these questions and more, providing a helpful overview of NDEs.

We read all the exceptional NDE case histories on NDERF and selected what we believe are the most fascinating accounts to share here. Click on the case name for each if you’d like to read the entire case history on the NDERF site.

Bolette L NDE 5437 was told during her NDE on the other side that she and her current husband would eventually divorce because they both had other paths to pursue. However, rather than the negative view of divorce humans tend to have, she was urged to perceive it as “a joyful thing for me that it would give me joy and much freedom.” She was also told that she should forgive the actions and attitude of her husband and move on with her life with joy and gratitude, even though he would hurt her. She needed to let go of him to get on with her life.

She also learned she would find love again, sort of a reward relationship for both her and her future partner. She was even shown how he looks so she could recognize him at the right time. This is an unusual occurrence in NDEs (or at least to remember it upon returning to Earth -- a lot of the experience tends to be somehow erased—otherwise it would be too difficult to finish the lifetime since the bliss of the other side contrasts so greatly with life on Earth. She said they told her so she would work on herself and the life she wanted, which will lead to the nice relationship.

During her NDE she met a group of souls she didn’t know from her current life, but instantly knew it was a happy reunion with souls she was most connected to (her soul group) out of all those in the universe.

She didn’t want to return to her Earthly life but encountered the soul of a young man who she knew was her newborn son. He said, “Mom, you promised to be my mother in this life! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here!” She must have agreed because her NDE was over and she immediately returned to her physical body.

Jean R NDE 6166 was raised a strict Catholic and taught that even stepping foot into another Christian church was a sin. During her NDE, she asked the guide which is the right religion? He said they all are, each a path trying to get to the same place. He emphasized that treating others with love is much more important than any religion, and that should be the emphasis.

She also learned that religion is the interpretation of spirituality by man, and the interpretations are often unclear and even false. She was told to always look to see “who benefits?” by religious guidelines. If it’s select individuals or the power structure, then it’s probably not truly of God.

Too often, morality is subjective. Our findings show that, generally, as long as you don’t intentionally hurt anyone, including yourself, the action is acceptable, such as consensual behavior among adults.

She was shown a library full of gold covered books and told each was the life plan of a human and what they hoped to learn and accomplish through certain key experiences. She was told they have some free will about how to get to the key experiences, but certain events are predestined and will happen no matter what. Then how they react to the events will display what they have learned and what else they need to work on.

She was shown souls who worked with people (scientists, artists, and more) incarnated on Earth to inspire them to create beneficial things for other humans.

She also saw a dark place where souls didn’t seem to realize they were out of their bodies. They fought others for material things, which was their primary focus. They always had the option of asking God for help, and if they did they’d be taken to a more peaceful place, but most didn’t.

From what she was shown in her NDE, the other side is home and Earth is just a place souls return to again and again to test their growth. She said, “…it was clear that we have more than one life on earth.”

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