How do you take your Life?

Some people think, whatever has done with them is out of their control. These people are just a kind of thinker, not doers. They think a lot and wait passively for a good time and success in their life. Their effort seems to be nothing because they can't think of taking initiatives.

I strongly believe whatever is happening to our life is just an accumulated result of the decision we had taken. What we think, how we think, what is our perspective of thinking and view about our life will decide how we are going to spend our life further. Is this will be a comfortable one with happiness or will be with struggle only. This all depends on how we think. We become as per our thinking.

We have learned, We love, We lost, we get changed, and Learn something from Life. This circle of learning from life. Lessons taught by life are very hard and tough but when we feel and learn from it, We got the real meaning of life.

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Learnings from Life
Life lessons

One thing I learned in life, that people can hurt you deeply and won't even care about that. I learned that a good person can change quickly when he gets a heart-broke. I met many mean people as well and lost my trust many times. But I learned from every person and every incident whatever happened in my life.
People and phases come and go, And that is life. But what we take from every person and each incident always matters to enhance our decision-making capacity. Many people ignore whatever happens to them and consider it as "Bhagwan ki Karni (God's Act)". They didn't want to think about the whole thing whatever happened to them either good or bad.

While Other people meanwhile think about that, They observe that the complete process of that incident. If that incident is a good one they are going to repeat as they learn something good from life and if the incident was a poor phase they got the experience and won't ever repeat the same. "Good life lessons give you the reason to grow and bad life lesson give you experiences"

Life has taught me many things like:
Whatever happens to us is never personal, It's all about business. If it is personal, it's too rare.
Never get hurt because of someone's words. This is just a phase.
Don't ever make anyone feel small, Not even yourself.
You can trust someone but don't be superstition.
If you stop making efforts, your all previous efforts won't have any value.
Don't just believe in anything so easily everything is nothing but a lie.
You must have to accept your mistakes. Not giving up, doesn't make any sense when you are wrong.
Don't consider your failure as your defeat, take it as experience, and fasten yourself for your next.
Life's greatest lessons are from pain.
Thoughtful actions are the only thing that counts.
Don't think your life is too difficult, Everyone has their problem to short out.
Maybe being angry is supposed to be helpful, But it hurt you most.
Don't regret for not acting on time. Forget the past be active for the future.
You are the only one with whom you spend your most of time. So, take care and work for yourself.
One of the hardest lessons in Letting go.
Too many points can be added to this list and everything gives us new awareness and new learning. We have to be aware always because "Awareness is key to Live in Balance"

Life Taught you unknowingly
Life has its own way

Whenever something irrelevant happens to us, We often think why did happens to me only. The lesson taught by life is not preplanned, It unexpected. Life lessons always surprise you and will leave you a shock. That moment it will be your decision that, How will you take that.

The lesson taught by Life is unforeseen, but if you carefully observe your actions you will find that whatever happened to you is an accumulative result of your every decision. If your action were a preplanned one obviously the result will be known to you.

But the maximum important life lessons we learn are taught by life unknowingly. All life lessons are not equal, some have simply more effect and greater value in our life. While some just like advice. Life's greatest lesson is in front of us when we are not prepared and but we in need of badly.

Sometime after getting deception from other people we started to lose our belief from humanity. But there are always some people who make you surprise with their honesty and care for you. Because of their nature, you started to restore belief in humanity again. This becomes a very different lesson from Life.

Inspirational life lessons are like that, it gives us a reason to gain our lost trust and taught us that it is not necessary if something bad happened to you once it will be again. Yes, you always have to be more careful.

Learn Lessons from Other's Life
Learn from other's life

The Ocean of Knowledge and learning has unmeasurable depth. If you want to learn with your own mistakes any no. of life will be less for you. That's why I always encourage everyone to read the biography and learn from other's life.
Life teaching lessons do not necessarily need to be learned from our own mistakes only. We have to observe other's life compare to those with ours and learn from their life. Yes, Our mistake makes us learn with a practical example but life lesson from others life makes us more attentive for any mistake going to happen in our Life.

Incidents of other's lives and how they handled all those conflicts give us Life lessons to gain and improve our life morals. Every mistake is a lesson, this gives us the way via which we can't attain our success. Mistakes are life experiences and maybe it happens to us without our consciousness. But after that mistake, we learn, gain knowledge, and improve our mindset accordingly.

School of Life learning has no retake. This just hints us once, And it is on us if we are able to recognize that hint or not. Exam of the lesson learned in life doesn't follow a schedule, neither this gives result after the exam. School of Life has quite opposite rules this first gives you results, then take your exam and your action from learning will be your lessons.

The Path to a meaningful Life
Meaningful life

Bhagavad Gita's lessons about life give us a meaningful perception of Living. According to "Bhagavad Gita": Everything happen to your life is for a reason, Gives a broad meaning towards lesson learning of life. We have total control of whatever happening to our life. We can mold this in our own way. Either we make our own path by learning from life or struggle and blame God for everything happening in our life.
Life has taught me unknowingly that no dream is too high and no goal is impossible to achieve. Just you need the right path to go on. Life always teaches you, how to maintain your path and achieve your goal. Obviously, Life learning helps us in this journey, Then also our effort is the only thing that counts.

Your thought of, "You live once", can encourage you to live more and to learn more towards a meaningful life. If you really want to walk on this path you should have to change and keep these learnings of life in your mind:

Always look something great in you.
You can be scared of doing things but you have to do it.
Never Give up
Move out of your comfort zone.
Always do something for your society.
Confidence is not in being well-dressed, But who you truly are.
Practice good self-care
Always motivate your inner-self.
Stay Curious.
Stay on your principle and live on your conditions.
Avoid boring people and be with Curious and intelligent ones.
Give others a second chance, Everyone deserves this.
We are here to learn our own life lesson, No-one can tell you and make you learn about your life need. It is part of your personal journey for your personal development. In this journey, we may give our best and put our best effort but we can't ever do more than we can handle.

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