Forty Days to Change My Life—Day 01
It is lent. I am not taking about the stuff that gets caught in the screen of your clothes dryer. I am talking about Lent in the Christian tradition. That period of the liturgical year that leads up to Easter. Through various acts of devotion such as prayer and repentance, making charitable contributions and self-denial the believer is “prepared” for the yearly memorial of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrated during Holy Week.
Though I am not a Roman Catholic, I can appreciate the emphasis given at this particular time of year to bring the Passion of the Christ into remembrance. This is the time of year that we can recall the ultimate sacrifice made on the part of Christ for the betterment of mankind. With that in mind, I have made a decision to observe Lent this year.
This will be my first time of observing Lent. I wish to point out that my observance has nothing to do with any particular church or denominational catechism. This is a 40 day journey that I have committed to for the purpose of making me better. I want to see improvement in every area of my life. I want to see changes in my spirituality, areas of service, health, finances, business and relationships. This is a time of year that calls to mind the sacrifice made on my behalf to improve my life. Therefore, how can I just go to an Easter presentation, perhaps even take communion, and feel I have done my Easter Duty? God loved me so much that He made an investment into me and He did it for a reason. The reason is He wants me to continue to make a difference in the world. If I am not improving me, how can I help improve anyone else? I want to do more than just give something up for 40 days. I want to start a change that will make a difference in me for the rest of my life!
For the next forty days I am asking as many that will to come along on this journey with me. This is an internal journey. This will be a journey of personal discovery. This will be a journey to unlock your purpose, find fulfillment and improve the quality of your life. So let us get started.
I know what I want to see changed in my life. The changes you are considering are just that—yours. You must find what it is you want to change. You must make a plan of action and then work it out. You must dissect your own soul and remove anything that is holding you back from what you were designed to be. You must find the answers you are seeking for.
Here are some things that will help you:
• Daily connect with the divine—you don’t have to spend hours at this. Just start making it a daily practice.
• Read something that enriches your life on topics such as relationships, finances, health and fitness. You can also read something motivational, spiritual or work related that will improve your job performance.
• Eat less and exercise more
• Create a budget
• A negative media fast—replace negative media (anything that creates negative emotions) with positive media. Media is defined here as the news, magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows and music. Replace the negative with positive news, magazines, music, TV, movies and music.
• Practice gratitude—say “Thank You” as often as you can throughout the day. Say it to yourself and to others. This will drastically improve your attitude.
Take this journey with me for the next forty days as we strive to be better people. You will be glad that you did. Also, post your comments and share your journey with us.

Author's Bio: 

Dan Toops is an Ordained Minister who has spent nearly 25 years in pastoral care ministry. Dan is teh creator of Better Thinking Better Living, a personal development ministry that provides life transforming principles in areas of personal success. Accomplished write, speaker and pastor care provider, Dan has literally touched the lives on thousands of people in a positive way.