Self growth by learning to forgive and forget

Taking revenge on trouble makers or enemies will only create more problems and disturbance to you. You must realize that negative emotion and hostile actions can only bring harm and suffering to both of you and your enemies. In order to perform retaliatory action, you will first have to harbour intense hatred in your heart and mind. This hatred is just like poison embedded into you. Since the poison is within you, surely it will harm you first before it can harm anyone else. It is just like throwing a blazing iron at another, you will get burnt first.

By bearing hatred over others, you only give them power over you and this does not resolve any problem. We must learn to live happily when we are being faced with disturbances in life.

We can always live happily without fanning the flames of hatred. We might not be strong enough to extend compassionate love to our enemies but at least for the sake of our health and happiness, we must learn how to forgive and forget.

By not bearing hatred or crashing your enemies, you act like a gentleman. In order to act in this way, you must understand that the other person has been misled by anger, jealousy and ignorance. He is therefore no different from all other mankind who have also at one time or another been misled by the same negative state of mind.

We should not hate or curse them. It is not justifiable for us to say that they should be condemned to everlasting suffering as it is never too late to correct them. We should always try our best to explain to them in a convincing way to make them realise that they are in the wrong. If this understanding is being established, you can treat the enemy as a patient who is suffering from a sickness who is in need of treatment. When the sickness is cured, he and everyone else will be well and happy.

You might think that it is not easy or practicable to return good for bad. Give it a try and see it for yourself. If you find it too difficult to return good for evil, then at least you should do a great service to yourself and others by not returning bad to bad.

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