You can fly -astrally, while your brain resonates with the theta brainwave state, using brainwave entrainment.

A deep theta trance state is necessary for an out of body experience, flying, or astral projecting. This state of consciousness is not easy to do on your own because you need the consistency of the theta frequency to maintain the vibe. Brainwave entrainment keeps your brainwave vibration consistent, helping you achieve your goal of flying.

Going into this type of trance is an intention and isn't done accidentally or half-heartedly. In the same breath, coming out of a trance can happen very easily if you are distracted.

Theta Brainwave Frequency

The theta is at 4-7 Hz or cycles per minute. This is the realm of deep relaxation. Brain activity is not quite slow enough for sleep. In this stage there are heightened preconceptions and receptivity, flashes of inspiration, forgotten memories, astral projection, out of body experiences, spiritual connection, and flying. The usual physical effects of theta, are floating and expansion.

Flying in Theta

· Choose a brainwave entrainment designed for astral projection.

· Go to a place where you won't be disturbed.

· Cover yourself with a blanket.

· Put on your headphones and shut your eyes.

· Relax and calm your mind through breath awareness, or by focusing on the entrainment pulses.

· Imagine you are sinking into a soft mattress, deeper and deeper.

· The level of brain wave activity will instantly change from the awake level (Beta) to the relaxed level (Alpha) and eventually to the detached level (Theta).

· Once your level of brain wave activity reaches Alpha you will enter into the beginnings of a trance state.

· The time it takes to enter trance will vary, depending on your experience with deep relaxation and mental calmness. Intention and focus is paramount here.

· Once you start feeling heavy, stop the mental sinking exercise.

· This is the state of consciousness that you can successfully astral project or have an out of body experience from.

· Even though there is brainwave entrainment in the background, everything will get quieter. You may not even "hear" the session anymore.

· You will have a deep innate sense of quietness and in this space, you will feel the expansion of your consciousness.

· This expansion of consciousness is a deeper, altered state and is fourth dimensional, meaning that you are now in contact with other dimensions beyond your physical reality.

· You may feel a slight humming vibration throughout your body. You can feel the change in the atmosphere or dimension, in your mind. Imagine reality with its sharp outlines and contrasts. That becomes blurred. This almost feels like your internal vision has been blurred over by vaseline.

· At this point, if there are any sharp external noises disrupting you, they will be quite painful and uncomfortable, probably bringing you instantly out of your trance, whereby you will have to start all over again from the beginning.

You Are Now Entering Deep Trance

The level of trance you achieve depends greatly on how deeply you let yourself go into an altered state of consciousness, on your relaxation ability, concentration skills and will power.

To enter a deeper trance, i.e., Theta level and beyond, you have to concentrate and surrender completely to the tones and pulses.

If you do this, you will be entering a deep, deep state of trance.

· You are now in a deep trance. In this stage, you will feel paralysed, a deep vibration, and you-your consciousness, will feel as large as the Universe. This is when your astral body begins to loosen and float away from the physical body.

· An uncomfortable feeling of cold that doesn't make you shiver, coupled with a steady loss of body heat will come over you. You are not experiencing this because you are sitting still for a long period of time. The feeling comes from a deep, consciousness state.

· You'll feel different, odd. Everything will be in slow motion, as in your thoughts. This kind of feels like when you take a narcotic for pain. Your mind's eye can almost see the entrails of energy emanating from objects or even thoughts.

· You won't feel your body anymore, and you will feel a strong sensation of floating. This is not the same floating sensation you feel when you are relaxing, but aware, in alpha wave. If you are deep in Theta, conscious reality doesn't exist or is very far away.

· Your physical body is totally paralysed at this point.


· There are a number of things you can do now. You can fly and explore physical reality (and what that neighbor is doing), you can enter a portal and fly into a past life (check out the baths in Ancient Greece), or you can cross over to the astral realm and fly among the entity population there (maybe hook up with your spirit guide). It's all about your intention. You don't need to know how to go to any of those places. Your intention is enough.

· In a brainwave entrainment session, when the end of the trance state is coming near, the pulses will gradually and gently pull you out of theta into a faster brainwave, taking you out of the trance.

· You will begin to feel more aware of your third dimensional self at this point, and can slowly return your astral body to the physical body.

With repeated brainwave entrainment sessions, you can plan where you would like to go and what you would like to do.

Learning to fly using theta brainwave entrainment, is an out of this world experience.

If you had the mind power to change your life, for the better, using your brainwaves, why wouldn't you?

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Wanina Petlock is the founder of Waverider Emporiumand the developer of specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings, that are based on over 70 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment clinical research and investigation. She is a speaker and expert writer on brainwave entrainment and its endless uses for busy everyday living. Wanina works for a major Canadian Home Health company, specializing in palliative care, for which she has just won the “caregiver of the year” award. Wanina, also, a birth and death doula, uses brainwave entrainment, reiki, and energy medicine, as therapeutic aids in her other practices. And in her down time, Wanina uses her intuitive skills, brainwave entrainment, and EVP to “ghost hunt”, and keep in touch with the many friends, who have passed on, to the next adventure.
Wanina invites you to, to discover how easy it is to manifest, solve, and create, while releasing the power of your mind, using brainwave entrainment.