Anytime I want to go to the next level of my business or personal life I am of course the student again. I don’t want anyone to think that I never have challenges because believe me I still do. However, since I have the power of the 3 P's it has helped me to realign with my desires if I get off track. Don’t be fooled in thinking that someone, no matter how much they know this stuff or how successful they are that their life is perfect.

I feel as we go down our path we do evolve and the veil of illusion becomes thinner. This makes it easier to deal with the little bumps that come our way and turn things around in our favor.

I want you to take the lesson of the 3 P's into your heart to see how you can close the gap of your attraction faster than ever before!

Don’t think just because you try one time that you are a failure. If I did that I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I was persistent in finding a way to make it work no matter what…and it paid off. I remember having a conversation with a billionaire and I asked him what was the secret to his riches and one of the things that stood out in my mind was he said he was persistent!

We live in a fast food manifesting mentality world that we have to have it now. Guess doesn’t work that way. Infinite patience does bring immediate results- that’s something Dr. Wayne Dyer says. When you are coming from impatience it creates a wall of resistance taking you further away from your attraction (in fact you are actually reversing your attraction).

Be in the practice of doing something every day that will keep you focused on what you want. Whether it be reading a book on manifesting, participating in a class, listening to a podcast, or meditation. Practice does make Prosperity! (You thought I was going to say perfect.)

I know I said 3 but stick with me(listen to my radio show, read my articles, or join the Quantum Entrepreneur Program). I have a huge prosperity effect that is widely contagious!

Let me know how the P's are working for drop me an email…I love getting your responses!

Believe in Yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Heather Picken is "The Spirit Trainer" who helps spiritually minded entrepreneurs energetically align themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to magnetize money and clients easily and effortlessly. She is also an inspirational speaker, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life/ Prosperity Business Coach. She has over 13 years in integrating mind-body connection, Law of Attraction, intuition, and spiritual principles.

Heather is also founder of The Quantum Institute and Quantum Entrepreneur program. She is also a Best-Selling author of the book Body of Love: 57 Secrets In Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction. Heather has appeared on as a guest on many radio shows including one of the most popular in spiritual and personal growth, Hay House radio.

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