Numerology is a science which tells us the relationship between various planets with us. It is such a powerful subject that can tell the effects of the planets on us. Astrology and numerology are not new concepts and they have in our Indian culture from many years. One can learn numerology and start his or her career as a successful numerologist. One needs to contact someone who has a great knowledge about this subject and enough practical experience. He can tell us the exact way to learn numerology. But, with the advancement of the technology, nowadays, we can learn numerology through various websites also.
There are many factors which are related with the numerology and you can get the idea of these factors by reading the books or by reading various contents written in various websites related with the numerology. They are as follows:
1. Motivation number:
These are the numbers by which you can get to know about your own desires and wishes in your life. You may not be aware about these facts but calculating the motivation number you can easily get to know about the important factors of your life and act according to it.
How to calculate: You can easily calculate the motivation number just by adding all the vowels in the spelling of the name of a person.
2. Expression number:
It is also an important factor in numerology. It has the ability to reveal your mission or the goal of life. So, this number will help you to take the right path. It also helps you to take the right decision in your life. Many times it has been seen that people have taken many wrong decisions because they cannot be able to set their goals. Many people could have done good job and reached to a good position in life if they would have understood their aim in life and have taken the right decision.
How to calculate: you have to take all letters in your name and add them. You have to keep on adding the numbers unless and until you reach to the single digit number.
3. Psychic number:
This is the number which has a great role in the whole life but it remains very active before 35 years of age. It has the pivotal role in our lives. It helps in determining wishes, desires, friendship, food and marriage. By finding these numbers one can get the perfect match for one’s life.
How to calculate: To get the psychic number we have to add all the digits of one’s date of birth e.g. if your date of birth is 5th march, 1984, then your psychic number should be 5 (0=5).
4. Persona number:
The name itself identifies that it reflects your personality. By this number you can get to know how you actually are. It will help to get the true picture of you.
How to calculate: you can calculate the persona number by adding all the consonant letters of your name.
Now, Name numerology is a great attraction of the people you can start your career as a numerologist. But, one thing you have to remember is that you should have proper knowledge and patience to learn numerology because you will such a person whom people trust and believe. So, you have to worth their trust level.

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