As a Leaders it may be comforting for us to set small, easily-achievable goals instead of big massive ones, this will work against you in the end. Why? because setting large, seemingly impossible goals spurs your mind to think differently. We should set deadlines for achieving our goals for it is a great way to focus the mind and force yourself to make things happen. Now If we don’t measure how well we are progressing toward our goal, we may never know how well we are doing. A common mistakes we as people make when forming our goals is to never ask ourselves why we really want to achieve it. This is vital, because once we put our subconscious motivations into words, it often sheds new light on which approaches are best for our achieving it. In addition to making a list of the good things we will get from achieving our goals,we should also write down a list of the bad things we envision if we never achieve it. Obstacles are unavoidable. If there aren’t any obstacles to reaching our goal, it’s probably not a goal worth having. But we can get around these obstacles if we plan for them in advance. If we have defined the possible obstacles to our goal, our mind will suddenly perceive solutions where none existed before. Most goals we have are social goals that involve other people. We call upon family, friends, professionals, and anyone you think can help us reach our goal. Leaders should break up large goals into a series of milestones otherwise, we may have problems assessing our goal, determining our progress, and taking corrective action. If you keep your goal to yourself, then you’ve only got one person motivating and cheering you on to victory. Now you will find that visualizing success as vividly as you can is a vital step to achieving and exceeding your biggest goals. We become effective leaders not by making other people follow, but by making ourselves the kind of person people would want to follow. Every relationship we have in our lives will either,Multiply,add,subtract, or divide to or from our lives. Setting goals and achieving them takes planning and we must be careful about who we share our goals with. For everyone will not be excited as you are about what you want to achieve. The people you choose to spend time with is very important as well you can't place a priority on someones life when your just an option in theirs. It will ultimately hinder your progress in achieving your goals. Realtionships are truely important in our winning in life we can't do it alone. Who are you spending most of your time with are they adding and multiplying to your life. If they are not it is time to get rid of the relationship for you my never achieve your biggest goals in life. Life is to be lived on purpose intentionally and by design. Life is a process and a journey and not an instantanious destination. Many people give up and quit on their goals and dreams this is a sad thing. For most people who quit, will return to the starting line and in most cases never get started again. Why? because now they have developed a fear of failure. They have not understood or don't know that failure is the secret to success. For it teaches us what not to do. We all will win in life if we don't quit and keep the right people around us so that we can achieve the greatness that we all desire.

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Raymond Shinault is a professional speaker that assists client organizations in a number of specific motivational and leadership aspects. Founded in 2008, by Raymond Shinault. Raymond is an Independent Business owner for Vemma Nutrition Company who's headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you want to create energy in your organization as a leader Raymond teaches that you must create an energetic team. Leadership is also about having the skills to get your team or group to work together to achieve a common goal and vision.
Now a successful entrepreneur Raymond Shinault has been in the network marketing industry for 8 years. He shares his story and methods with fellow entrepreneurs and trains others in building their network marketing businesses. Through training, Raymond teaches others to stay focused and motivated, to dream big and go after goals with intense effort. Shinault believes that his purpose is to teach others to live their lives on purpose, through goal setting and personal development. Raymond wants to speak to and inspire as many young people as he possibly can to live life on purpose.