Effective leaders have a vision of what they must accomplish. That vision becomes the energy behind every effort and the force that pushes through all problems. Whether you are an individual, self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional having a vision will add clarity and purpose to your business and life.

Vision—Catch It

Have you ever noticed that a leader with vision is on a mission? He’s on a mission and his spirit is felt by others in his group or crowd. When you are starting your own business or running a small business having a clear vision will not only keep you going with momentum and in the right direction it will do something even more important.

It will attract others to support you and help you move along to fulfilling your vision. In business these are new clients and customers. Be clear about what you offer and the benefits and you will attract the people you need to be successful. Let them catch the vision.

Vision—It Unites

In order for any dream to be realized or to have a successful small business you must have unity. Long hours will be given gladly in the pursuit of a clear, worthwhile goal. Individual wants will be set aside because others see that the whole is more important than the part.
Time of the team members becomes less of an issue because morale soars upward and commitment becomes the watchword for huge and rewarding accomplishments. And all this happens because the leader has vision.

Vision—It Is Your Purpose

As a personal business coach I encourage every client to get a clear vision of the future he desires. Without a clear vision the present is not very exciting. Why? You have no idea what you are working for long term.
Having a vision gives purpose to you, your organization and to each day. With a clear purpose your customers can more easily identify with you.

With a clear vision you and your employees know the real reason for your existence. It also becomes a control tool. Instead of a manual that may constrain people and initiative the vision allows people to thrive within a specific purpose.

And, at a time where companies are becoming more decentralized vision is even more important. Why?

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