Keys To Success: Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune

In collaborating and supporting my clients as a business coach the accountability that business coaching brings is about accelerating the success process. For anyone who has ever used the services of a business coach you know that the main reason is to bring greater success, peace and satisfaction to your business and life.

When you are self-employed following the trail to business success can seem like a slog through the mud. One of the certainties of starting up a small business or running a small business is that at times, you will feel stuck or overwhelmed. Very often what the business owner needs is not only for someone to guide him but he may need some additional training.

There are many opportunities for additional education to help you in your business. Most of the education or training is on subjects that where there is an oversupply of information. Do you need a business plan? Or, is a marketing strategy a priority? Maybe you need better systems. How to hire, fire and retain employees may be an issue.
Regardless, there isn’t a lack of information to help you get where you want to go.

Yet, with all this wonderful information the failure rate in small business hasn’t changed in over 30 years. We have more information, more education and better training. What is missing?

In the end success comes down to you and how you think. What takes place in those five inches between your ears, your brain, determines for the most part your success or failure. Remember, the most important asset you have is you.

Unfortunately, the business owner will work on enhancing all the other assets except the most important one, him. After all, whether you are an entrepreneur or solo professional your business will get no bigger than your thinking. Your income, business and life will will seldom exceed your personal development.

Here’s one more thought on education and training. Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. At you will find a fixed term membership site devoted to your self-education as a self-employed business owner. The Business Keys To Success membership course is unique because it addresses many of the keys to success that you won’t learn in school or through formal training.

The successful entrepreneurs, solo professionals and self-employed business owner have learned many of these lessons in the Business Keys To Success program. As a member you receive a workbook section each week for 20 weeks. You work at your own pace. This is self-coaching.

You will learn to recognize failure before it becomes a reality. Where is your motivation taking you? I am amazed at people who are motivated and run the race of small business success only to cross the wrong finish line and fail.

How are your relationships? Discover how to recognize them for what they are. And more importantly, what to do about them.

Do you want to earn more money? There is material devoted exclusively to doing just that.

There are sections on keeping a good attitude, having a perspective for success and how to solve problems to minimize the likelihood of them returning. After all, if you are having to solve the same problem over and over again it is hard to move forward.

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