Marketing is one of the most important keys to business success. It is essential to have a good marketing business plan. But all the wonderful marketing strategies in the world are nothing and even worse, counterproductive, if your clients expectations are not met or exceeded in their experience with your company.

Marketing Strategy Without Implementation Is Nothing

In my personal business coaching practice I have a client whose business requires a high occupancy rate in order to be profitable and successful. When we started collaborating together occupancy was at 60% which was breakeven.

In going through his marketing business plan he had all the components to take his occupancy to a higher level. The problem was that very little was being implemented. To him, in running a small business, there was too much to do. It was enough just to keep up with what he had, let alone have more clients.

Our first step was to bolster his internal processes to be able to handle increased business. Our second step focused on prioritizing his marketing strategy points and to start implementing them. After all, strategy without implementation is nothing.

Marketing Strategy Without A Great Client Experience Is Nothing

As a marketing business coach my primary concern after we have come up with a strategy is in the implementation. Too often, the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional makes a fatal mistake.

He focuses on his business treating him like a first class passenger on his airline. When this happens the client experience falls short and there is no amount of good marketing, which includes advertising, that will overcome it in the long run.

The focus has to be creating a great client experience. Their experience has to be that of a first class passenger on your airline. It has to be all about them. You may say, duh, of course. But it is surprising how many small business owners miss this critical point.

Your marketing to be effective must deliver a great client experience.

Marketing Strategy—The Right Priority

In marketing the right priority is to create a desire in your prospect to participate in your business because of the value you bring. The value you bring is the benefit. Too often businesses provide features but not benefits in their marketing.

Benefits and features are tied together. But the benefit is the
priority. For example, a business states that it is open 24/7. The benefit is that you can shop when it is convenient to you. This is a simple example but when you start thinking of your marketing from the perspective of benefit statements to your potential clients it elevates your potential impact.

My client started to implement his marketing strategy. His internal systems were ready. His people were ready. With every new client he solicited feedback which improved the client experience. He and his people continually marketed the benefits of participating with and supporting his business.

The results were phenomenal. Within 8 months occupancy was steadily between 90% and 95%. Profitability was at record levels. And, my client was now able to enjoy life outside of business. He made everyone a first class passenger on his airline. And as a result he got to go along in first class.

The power of a marketing business plan is in the implementation and meeting or exceeding clients needs and expectations. Have a marketing business plan, know your priorities and implement it and watch your business and life rise to new levels.

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