Ketu is the planet that shows the detachment and less materialistic approach towards the house it sits in.
Ketu scatters the subjects of the house it sits.
Ketu lacks the passion to lead and come to the top.
Ketu in the 10th house may not support the native to work smart.
Here the native may only work because it is needed. He may not feel the passion to chase the hierarchical order.
However, we should check that how the 10th house lord is placed.

If the 10th house lord is Sun, Saturn, or Mars and placed in the own sign
or in exaltation/ Mooltrikona
There are benefic aspect on the 10th house
And the native is running beneficial Mahadasha then there are chances of having a Government Job.

The other thing to note here is that as Ketu is in the 10th house, Rahu will go to the 4th house.

The native may be desirous about acquiring the real estate and the vehicles.
The native may be an activist and may like to join the mission like Save earth, Save trees, etc.
The native may have an attachment towards the motherland c, the history, and the customs and he may also be an activist to either change the bad things of customs or saving the customs.
This native may have good experience in managing land-related matters.
If the native is having a Rahu time period and Rahu is strongly placed, the native may get a Govt Job related with the Land revenues and taxes as said by the best astrologer in Chennai

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