Mark your calendars; 30th January, 2013, brings with it a significant planetary movement which will turn ideas into reality and hard-work into results. On Wednesday, Jupiter is to turn around and move in direct motion once again. This will result in Jupiter’s presence in Gemini. With Jupiter being the biggest planet, it does not focus on minute and inconsequential occurrences. This symbolises the beginning of substantial changes and events which will bring about enormous alterations in our lives. Moreover, Gemini connects the dots given the much required direction to the results of Jupiter’s presence.

This first consequence of this planetary movement is the sudden surge in verbal activity. This is one way in which we will be given due course for actions already performed. Majority of people are thinkers, they contemplate on decisions which need to be taken rather than making a move on them. Therefore, this period will see increased fervour with which new projects are undertaken as words will be put to action. Moreover, we will also be witness to individuals sorting out problems which have plagued several of their significant and important relationships. It will provide them with the courage to face and confront others, to stand up for their beliefs, and to express their opinions on matters on which they had been muted earlier.

Jupiter has been retrograde in Gemini for over four months now. This has led to the delay in good karma and has resulted in very small returns in terms of efforts put into initiatives. However, this is all set to change. With the Great Protector moving at full speed we should now bear fruits of our labour. Therefore, Jupiter personifies abundance, wealth and positive results. One should not forget to look out for these manifestations and act on them with zeal and enthusiasm. It is essential to monitor the unfolding of important plans. Do not leave it all up to the stars, remember that you play as significant a role as them in making things happen.

According to myths, Jupiter was the highest authority in the land, the one who had the power to make the final judgement. Therefore, in a broader scenario this is associated with the making and implementation of laws. In India, with the government on the cusp on formulating new policies, this movement has come as a blessing. Numerous crucial decisions such as the law dictating the trial and penalty for rapists, the Twelfth Five-year Plan and individual political party restructuring are scheduled to be made during this period. This will help in sound and productive decision making, thus, benefiting all individuals involved and the country as a whole.

It is important to capitalise on the advantages brought about by Jupiter turning direct in Gemini. There are certain areas that should be in particular focus for you. You should take this opportunity to expand your connections and must make an effort to meet new people. This is also a good phase to expand your intellect, broaden your horizons and attempt to try things that you otherwise wouldn’t dare to. Keeping this movement in mind, one can also take abundant risks and the chances are quite high that they will pay off. This isn’t the period for second guessing yourself, this is the time to take to actions and achieve results.

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