We all know the benefits of journaling. How it helps us keep account of ourselves, helps motivate and inspire us. How it can help us with our health, career, relationships, even our spiritual walk. In fact, every self help guru and motivational speaker swears by and encourages everyone to journal. Unfortunately most people don’t seem to have enough time to write everything down, nor do they have enough time to re-read everything they wrote.

Journaling short-cuts with the STEPS Program can give you all that you get from traditional journaling, but it offers so much more. The STEPS are simple and easy to follow. They are the foundational steps we should all be taking to properly nourish our body, mind and spirit. More importantly, the STEPS Program is the only motivational program that activates your “visual” and “kinesthetic” learning centers to help you create or change the habits and attitudes that could be holding you back.

STEPS is an acronym for:


Each day, simply shade-in the corresponding footstep to your action.

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Sleep…is looking at how well you feed your subconscious mind each night. Does your subconscious mind chew on negative thoughts and fears for the eight hours you spend asleep? Or do you feed your subconscious mind positive thoughts and an outlook of joy and happiness of how great tomorrow is going to be?

Think…looks to see how well you feed your conscious mind during the day. Do you continually replay thoughts of worry, fear and negativity to your conscious mind? The power of positive thinking goes back to biblical times and states, “a man is as a man thinketh.” Question is what do you feed your conscious mind during the day?

Eat…we all know the adage, “you are what you eat.” Do you feed your body foods that are known to make you healthier or not? You can’t expect to lose weight, keep those inches off or overcome some health issue if you are not eating foods that promote health.

Physical…refers to any physical exercise or activity you get in a day. The benefits of exercise and physical activity are immense. The problem for many people is simply cutting out enough time in the day to make it happen. We are not concerned with what type of activity, we are more concerned with your habit of doing it.

Spirit…is concerned with both your spiritual connection and or your personal spirit. Do you have a spiritual connection? Have you let your spiritual muscles get flabby? Do you spend any time during the week nourishing your personal growth and spirit. Like exercise, you need to carve-out some time for this activity.

Its that simple! In less than two minutes a day, you can quickly keep account and track how well you are feeding the most fundamental areas of your life. More importantly you are tapping into those brain centers that can make all the difference in the world. Most motivational and journaling systems never tap into the other brain centers. When you begin to shade-in the footsteps, you are physically drawing a picture of your progress – that you can visually see with your own eyes.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture that you draw yourself – that actually shows how many steps you are taking can tap into those learning centers of your brain like never before. No other self help or personal growth program activates those other learning centers, which may be why so many people have a hard time change their habits and attitudes.


The whole concept of the STEPS program is to help you progress in any of your pursuits and interest. Too often people take two steps forward and two steps back and wonder why they aren’t doing any better. It doesn’t matter if it is health, finances, relationships, or your spiritual walk you are concerned with…the name of the game is to make sure you are moving closer.

Corporations track the growth and progress of their sales, revenue and profits with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. So why isn’t there a way for individuals to quickly track their progress for the things that matter the most which is health, wealth and happiness? Are there journaling shortcuts that can help?

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, health, finances, relationships or spiritual walk I encourage you to start taking account of how well you are feeding and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Do you need to create or change some of your habits and attitudes? You can’t expect your body, mind or spirit to be strong and active if you aren’t feeding it the right foods.

The STEPS program is designed to help you create or change some of the habits and attitudes that are holding you back. The program takes less than two minutes a day. It’s simple and easy, but all so Powerful and Practical!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Len Lopez is a nutrition and fitness expert and creator of the new fitness product called The Work Horse. He is the author of “To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question” and "Five STEPS Closer...". He believes everyday is an opportunity to move a step closer or further away from your goals and dreams and believes we are all a product of what we feed our body, mind and spirit. For more information on the STEPS Program and how you can begin to track your progress, you can go to “Five STEPS Closer…” and download Dr. Lopez’ new book. You can also sign up for his BLOG or listen to his radio program at www.DrLenLopez.com