Why register for a Yoga teacher training program? There are distinct benefits in pursuing yoga teachers training. You not only gain the skills necessary to successfully teach 200 hours of yoga to learners in a studio but also transform your life. Here is how your life changes;

1. You Gain Viable skills

Upon completion of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga program, you become eligible to operate as a certified Yoga trainer under Yoga Alliance; an international body for yoga teachers. With the skyrocketing unemployment rates around the globe,
your need for employment decreases since you are in a position to run your own studio from where you can train students. Consequently, you gain the freedom to travel the world teaching yoga.

2. Increases Your Endurance levels

There is that pose you wish your Yoga trainer will skip. The complexity of such a move and fear of potential injuries on your body may be the greatest scare. However, in Bali, you train with students of different body types, flexibility levels, and physical strength.

Seeing them nail such poses motivates you into the correct alignment of each pose. The endurance with which you attain the poses translates into resilience in your life, that is the ability to handle the most stressful situations.

3. Opportunity To Network

There is a limit of 22 students for the yoga teacher training in Bali. The training is highly personalized and the learners are closely knit together since they are few. In addition to learning the art of meditation, asana, kriya, and pranayama the learners get to develop inter-personal relationships which outlive the 200 hours of yoga at Bali.

As a result, another family of yogis emerges adding to the existing ones. Therefore, you acquire a good support network of your teachers, colleagues and the yogis' community at large. It’s such networks that offer you a great opportunity to travel to different destinations meeting yoga families from whom you learn more about training yoga.

4. Personal Development

Yoga comprises of both physical exercise and meditation. As you increase your physical practice, your body grows stronger and the meditation together with the restorative Asanas broadens your mental capacity.

It is great practicing yoga at the beachfront Shala to the tune of waves and cool sea breeze. Also, the exquisite sunsets trigger personal reflections and motivations which serve best in decision making. Your life, therefore, is transformed into being more productive.

5. Enhances Self- Awareness

In yoga training, you will learn that though we share different belief systems we as human beings are all spiritually connected. Yoga teachers training program triggers a conscious lifestyle since your mind is more aligned with your real self. You also learn to major on the majors and vice-versa.

Do you want to set on a journey to self-discovery? Yoga teacher training Bali is the right program for you. You will leave the program a more self-aware individual.

6. A Teacher with Impact

There will always be students in need of yoga skills. The number of students that register with you, is determined by how well you package and market your acquired skills for customer satisfaction. Alternatively, give back to society by offering free yoga training within your locality especially to the underprivileged.

Some of the target groups that may highly appreciate your skills are; rehabilitation centers, primary schools, homes for the senior citizens, the prisons, etc.

A single click on the internet on Yoga teachers training programs best suited for you will fetch a thousand options. That throws you into confusion on which one to choose.

Here are reasons why you should narrow down to yoga teacher training Bali.

• It is Yoga Alliance- Certified

Certification by Yoga Alliance is proof that the program meets the set standards for teachers' training. You are then assured of value for your money. Yoga is quite a risky practice. You, therefore, require precautionary measures put in place just in case something goes amiss.

The above certification enables the program managers to take an insurance cover for its trainees. If one is injured or hurt while undertaking the course, their medical fee is covered.

• Offered at Different Times of The Year

You don’t want to subscribe to a program with which you can’t keep up. It is therefore advisable you settle with one that fits your schedule. No matter your commitments, the Bali yoga training gives you various options on when to train on yoga teaching.

As a consequence of the wrong choice, a yoga program may leave you broken, unproductive and waste your money since you fail to attend most lessons. In conclusion, it is a killjoy.

• Elaborate Coverage On Anatomy

Anatomy is a subject that forms the basis of being a successful yoga trainer. Knowing the secret to anatomy, Yoga training program in Bali Indonesia is more fruitful since you will learn about the relationship between the body's anatomy and postures as well as proper sequencing. A good mastery of anatomy will boost your confidence in teaching.

• Program’s Success

Once you have proved certification, duration of the training and how well they teach anatomy, delve into research on how many success stories the program has. Seek to reconstruct a history that is verifiable.

Listen to people's comments, complains, and reviews of the program. Who has the program churned into the yoga market? That is the true measure of the program's quality.

• Quality Trainers

You can only be as good as your trainer. Yoga teacher training Bali boasts of the best, experienced and qualified teachers. The trainers are friendly and have awards to show for their achievements. Based on their years of experience, these trainers have designed a syllabus that is trainee centered.

The trainee, therefore, gets to enjoy every step in the training while at the same time gaining skills necessary to become a tutor in yoga.


Are you a resident of Indonesia or would you like training as a yoga teacher on Indonesian soil? Yoga teacher training in Bali is a program aimed at improving the general quality of your life by; equipping you with skills necessary for teaching. During the training, you get to increase your social network while at the same time make you more self-conscious.

At Bali training the trainers are friendly; alumni are among the best in the market. The program is Yoga Alliance-certified hence the trainees are safe.

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