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Do you believe in the power of personal growth and lifelong change for the better? Wait.
That you can improve your core knowledge and personal experiences up to age 93? Well, maybe? Now please read on.

December 10, 2009: neuroscientists at Carnegie Mellon University, Timothy Keller
and Marcel Just submitted their research to be published in the Neuron journal.

The human brain can physically rewire itself through 100 hours of intensive
instruction. Yes Virginia, you can fix broken brain circuits by behavioral training.

So what? Who cares?

It means you are never too old to grow new neurons and enable and improve your
mind, with new skills and strategies. Here they took kids who were lousy readers
(disabilities, development disorders, including autism) and by intensive training,
created in their brain new white matter, and improved neuronal communication.

White matter is the brain tissue that moves signals between the areas of gray matter
for learning and memory. Deadhead kids could now process information, read
better, and learn core knowledge for having a normal life.

Just kids with reading problems? This applies to mental disorders, Alzheimer and
Bipolar disorders. How? Use behavioral training (100 hours) to change specific
brain circuits.

Saying-so-does-not-make-it-so. The verified and replicated evidence is in the form
of functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery. Seeing-so goes a long way to its being-
so. The hard work of 100 hours of remedial training for the first time, offers results
showing no difference between the good and bad readers.

Now gimme a big – “We’re on-the-money – honey!”

Jim Rohn

1. “You’re not a tree - get up and move.”

2. “Broke is bad, stupid is worse. Broke and stupid is almost the worst.
How about being sick – broke and stupid. Trifecta. Wait.
Now add - Frankenstein-Ugly! to the big three.

3. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways…” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

4. “Broke-Stupid-Sick and Ugly” is the winning entry. See how lucky you are.

5. Mission for Graduates of SpeedLearning.org

Visualize a life of accelerated Health; create Wealth beyond your dreams of avarice and offer gratitude for daily Smiles.

The secrets are: more learning, more patience, less impulsivity and better reasoning. How?

Start with gratitude for not being “broke-stupid-sick-and-ugly”. Offer a daily intention of acquiring more skills and strategies to age 93. Let them say,
“they cashed in their chips” still trying to improve their character and usefulness. Now gimme a big – “We’re on-the-money, Honey!”

Anything else?

Trust in your nonconscious mind for intuition (sixth-sense, gut reaction).

How? 3x your knowledge and 2x your long-term memory. Become more
valuable (worthwhile) to your society through useful skills and strategies.

Finally, enlarge the number of folks you can be of serious significant service.


Are you becoming more valuable to more people in the marketplace? Your
personal value manufactures gelt, swag, and mucho dinero.

We never underestimate the power of accumulated wealth to
produce a happy attitude, peace-of-mind and daily liveliness.

Now gimme a big – “We’re on-the-money, honey!”

Three Mental Movies to Play

a) Autonomy means freedom, independence and personal power. Oh yeah.

b) Mastery means accumulating valuable skills, usefulness and

c) Purpose (not the big fish) means waking up with goals that put a
smile on your puss and meaning in your life. Your job is to get on base today, not hit a Grand Slam. Make some measurable progress, right?

6. Trust in your judgment, but verify your conclusions through research.
Now we implement – put our fundament in high gear. Action not talk, is
smarter than waiting for all the angels and saints to help out.

When we snooze, we lose; what we resist, persists and 95% of the time,

“Vas-ya-dere – Charlie?” - then your judgment is only hearsay evidence and inadmissible.

We can repair our mistakes, rejections and failures. Only inaction is the guaranteed loser. All together now – “We‘re on-the-money, honey!


Would you have a competitive advantage over your peers at school and
your career if you could read and remember three (3) books, articles and
reports, in the time they can hardly finish one?

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See ya

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