Author: J.B.
ISBN: 1452895406: 13: 9781452895406

Crafting a self-help book concerning the effects of the positive life-force called ch'i is not exactly a new endeavor. Nonetheless, you would probably have to search far and wide to find another book as J.B.'s Zor: Philosophy, Spirituality and Science with its offbeat approach wherein the author draws on a smorgasbord of contemporary spirituality, science, and Western and Oriental philosophy to explore the concept of positive chi'i as differentiated from negative energy or as it is referred to as “sha chi.” To pull this off, J.B. uses give-and-take discussions between two voices that illustrate how humans have the power to influence the world around them by adopting positive ch'i.

The opening page of the book introduces the reader to one of the voices- a brilliant Haitian dwarf called Zor, who stands five feet tall with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He is “charmingly soft spoken with a disarming, Caribbean lit” -a voice that at times provides commentary that is both wickedly sarcastic and amusing.

The second voice, John Brewster is supposedly a successful middle- aged businessman from Boston, who finds daily comfort in his after work frequenting of a neighborhood bar. John seems to have it all but yet is a very discontented person. As he is soon to discover from Zor, he doesn't seek to be a positive force in the world-one that makes a difference. He is unwilling to think happy thoughts and at times seems miserable, drowning himself in booze while permitting his problems to bear down on him day after day. Harping on the good old days, John is reminded that everyone is nostalgic for the past, as it represents a time when we had less negative ch'i. However, over the course of thirty-five years John has permitted negative energy and influences to accumulate wherein there were so many things that have made him unhappy that positive ch'i has been choked off, creating imbalances and disharmony in his life and marriage. He is further informed that negative actions are the result of negative energy-it is not what we do that is important but it is why we do something. Nonetheless, John refuses to accept that true happiness is absolute bliss and harmony, claiming that it doesn't exist. Zor, however, counters, “maybe not, but it can.”

To appreciate the power of ch'i, Zor touches upon and summarizes various themes with telling observations and musings that include the existence of God, organized religions, quantum physics, the theory of entanglement, relativity, and the power of attraction, all evidencing a tremendous amount of research and along the way presenting innumerable sage advice.

J.B's prose is both eloquent and philosophical underlying and illuminating the immense power of positive ch'i. Zor is not just an instruction book for those seeking a balanced life but rather a non-academic guide that will help us make sense of the concept of positive ch'i and why it plays such a vital role in our interactions with our fellow humans. And yes, there is even a strong possibility that after reading Zor, you may even change your perception of your actions and the world around you.

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