Asthma has a huge impact on a child's life because it makes being involved in everyday activities that require physical exertion so difficult. Although there are a wide variety of medications that can help to reduce the symptoms of the illness, many of them have side effects that are dangerous to a child's health. Because of this, some parents are choosing to add some alternative methods of alleviating the symptoms to their child's health routine instead.

Herbal Remedies

Plants like ginger and garlic reduce inflammation in the lungs to help make breathing easier. They also improve blood flow and relax airways. Ginger can also improve a child's overall lung function, which is why it is often used for many types of lung related illnesses besides asthma.

Breathing Masks

A loose fitting mask that prevents allergens and dust from getting into the nose or mouth can be a real lifesaver because it gives a child the freedom to leave the house without worrying about an attack. These types of masks are sold in most pharmacies without a prescription for a reasonable cost. They are disposable too, so germs won't be spread from day-to-day use of one.

Steam Baths

The moist, warm air from a steam bath works wonders at opening up airways fast. You can also get a warm shower or bath going, and have your child sit next to the water for ten minutes or so. If baths aren’t possible or ideal, you can also use a humidifier. This is a great resource at night when your children are sleeping.

Monitoring Air Quality

There are companies, like AirCheck One, that come to a family's home and check to see how clean and pure the air is. Many children have asthma attacks triggered by the dust and dirt that is blowing around in their heating and air conditioning systems or from mold growing in basements or attics. But since the particles are too small for someone to physically see, identifying them requires special equipment and training.

You don't have to try all of the tips right away, but try to incorporate at least two or three of them as soon as you can. Remember, it is important to eliminate anything that could trigger an asthma attack, so be sure to keep your little ones away from areas with smoke or poor air quality.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA.