How many people in the world, whether business owner or employee, are living the life they dreamed of? How many businesses have failed, not for lack of hard work, but for lack of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment? Is your business or career meeting those needs for you? Is a “no” just “a fact of life”, or is there something you can do about it?

By working this simple program you can begin to succeed where you’ve failed and find joy where you’ve encountered frustration. You’ll begin to realize that your heart’s desire is within reach. The tools are simple and even fun, and you can begin to see results right away.

What Are Intentions?

Intentions encompass the way you talk to yourself and the way you approach others. Intentions can be about anything, but at their core, Intentions are about how you feel. If you dread going into the office every day, set an Intention to change that. Tell yourself, “Today I am going to find three things to appreciate at work.” Hold that thought, expect to see it come true, be truly open to discovering those three things. And pay attention when you do!

What Are Positive Evidences?

Each time you notice and acknowledge that your Intention has Manifested, you experience a Positive Evidence. Positive Evidences are exactly that, the evidence that your Intention is working for you. It is important to watch for these Positive Evidences because each success is built on the ones before it. The more Positive Evidences you see, the more you will believe in your own capacity to Manifest them, and the more you will Manifest them.

What Are an Inner Coach and a Guidance Team?

Each and every person is a unique Manifestation of Spirit. As such, we have tools at our disposal we just have to remember them. One of the most powerful tools in this program is your Inner Guidance Team. You select and name your own Inner Guidance Team and with their help you can become closer, more deeply involved with Spirit and begin to live the life you’ve dreamed about. You can find yourself consciously handing over issues to be resolved to a member of your Inner Guidance Team. This practice helps us to Manifest our own Brilliances and bring out the Brilliance in others.

What Are Energy Management and Energy Assessment?

Managing your Energy means channeling your brilliances into positive directions. It means believing in your Intentions, watching for the Positive Evidences, and trusting your Inner Guidance Team to find the right solution. Assessing your energy means getting in touch with where you are RIGHT NOW, at any given moment, and being okay with that. Energy moves at different frequencies, and the higher the frequency your energy is moving at, the closer you are to Spirit. As time goes by, you will know immediately when your energy is “low” and you’ll know the tools available for bringing it back where you want it to be.

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Sharon Wilson, founder of Coaching From Spirit, helps people learn how to coach themselves and business owners sync self-coaching with leading-edge business strategies. Sign up at for Sharon’s free eBook: Empowered Spiritualpreneur Guidebook.