Poor memory, if left unconsidered can impact on both physical and psychological health of person. Multiple causes contribute in the formation of this health disorder. Daily life activities of person play an important role in improving the memory power of person. In order to have good memory focus, it is advised to lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking. As per research, physical as well as psychological causes play major roles in poor memory troubles. Some among the common causes leading way to the risk of low brain power include insomnia, head injury, over consumption of alcohol and brain tumors. Herbal remedies are found to be very useful in curing brain health disorders. Proper medication in conjunction with meditation helps in correcting and promoting brain memory.

Ashwagandha, scientifically termed as withania somnifera is found to be as an effective herbal remedy for poor memory and brain power. This herbal tonic acts as a rejuvenator and supplies sufficient nutrients to body cells. As per studies, high stress condition is considered to be as an underlying cause of low memory. Intake of ashwagandha root extract makes life stress free and prevents the occurrence of low memory. This herbal remedy has been used for centuries for the treatment of brain health disorders. It rejuvenates body cells and cures poor memory due to fatigue conditions.

Bacopa herb is a safe and effective herbal remedy for poor memory and brain power. It has been used for centuries to boost memory power intelligence and mental health. Intake of this herbal remedy reactivates the functioning of synaptic activity and improves memory function. Today this nervine tonic is a commonly used ingredient for the preparation of memory enhancement supplements. Strong anti-oxidant property enriched in this herbal cure scavenges free radicals and reduces low memory troubles due to aging.

Gingko biloba, one among the popular nervine tonics is an effective herbal remedy for poor memory and brain power. At present, gingko biloba is a common medicine prescribed for those patients suffering from brain health disorders like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. This herbal remedy is found to be very beneficial for curing the impairments of memory and other memory functions. Flavonoids present in gingko biloba extract prevent free radical mechanism and delay aging related poor memory troubles. Presence of terpenoids in gingko biloba prevents blood clotting, cures stroke and improves blood flow to brain.

Maca is an effective herbal remedy for poor memory and brain power complaints. This herbal medicine is a blend of essential compounds like magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, linolenic acid and oleic acids. For attaining best result, patients suffering from low memory are advised to intake maca root capsules twice per day. Ginseng, one among the common ingredients added for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines is another herbal cure for poor memory and brain power. It acts internally and improves the functioning of brain cells. Other effective herbal remedies for poor memory and brain power include kava, St John’s wort and reishi mushroom.

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