The number for the universal year 2010 is 3 (2+0+1+0=3). The universal 3 year places emphasis upon issues of creativity, entertainment, communications, extravagance, carelessness and overdoing. On the personal level number three places emphasizes upon the full range of human feelings and emotions, from the highest of cosmic connection to the lowest debased levels of fear, abuse and despair.
The years 2009, 2010 and 2011 seem to form a connected progression toward the transition of 2012. The nature of that transition, it would appear, depends largely upon how the planetary population responds in these approaching years. From a purely mundane level of observation things look pretty grim. From a spiritual perspective it is at best challenging. A time of reckoning keeps building. With so many human activities on the planet totally out of control, it remains to be seen how the global population copes with events of this year. The manipulators of consciousness step up the global fear factor with yet more imaginative contrived attacks and terror.
The manner in which an individual handles emotions is reflected in how he or she deals with money. The same principle applies on a greater scale. It is clear the global monetary situation is a total mess. The overall focus is upon transfer of large amounts from the many to the few. This elitist class comes close at this time to completing a centralized monetary system that allows for nearly total control of funds and subsequently, population behavior. Uncaring and selfish people will go to any length to expand the collection of their funds. The issue of water availability comes more into the forefront along with the global warming band wagon.
On the spiritual side, the number of planetary inhabitants who experience direct knowing and cosmic influx increases dramatically this year. As they network and share experiences, they strengthen the anchoring of higher light that is coming in at a much accelerated pace. The joy and pure expression of these groups becomes a growing threat to established institutions of dogma that cling to old doctrines and methods of mass control. The new teachings also raise concern with the leadership of such institutions, since it reveals the lies and blatant inaccuracies that have been perpetrated for centuries.
The number three at its best is the Christ word spoken. It inspires the purest form of truth and self expression. It is a time that the voices of Angels can be heard and the most sublime of higher divine laws are given to mankind, often through the most humble and innocent of souls. More people (often children) come forward now manifesting the most pure gifts of voice, song, poetry, verse, dance, art and sculpture that reveal new ranges of frequency and elevation of vibration. New archetypes appear in the most unexpected of places. In some quarters crop circles are decoded and the messages for mankind are revealed.
Three is the number of creativity and sexuality. Human sexuality gets additional press this year for better and for worse. The spread of sexually transmitted disease increases and spreads once again. Sexual abuse and trafficking of humans for sex (particularly children) finally gets more public attention after reaching unprecedented levels. Many people at the top will be associated with the practice. On a higher level there is an awakening racial memory of fusion sex with its beauty and grandeur. Fusion sex is shared in love and respect and uplifts every part of the human being. This is in contrast to fission sex which is centered in abuse and control. It is sex of personal gratification that generates much pleasure and a desire for more sex, but does not elevate consciousness or balance out the polarities between partners.
The tides of human emotion are metaphorically reflected in events concerned with the fluids of the planet. In particular, this means oil and water. The management and handling of underground fluids has a correlation to our collective emotional unconsciousness. These resources are theoretically drying up much like pure abundant human emotions are giving way to fear, selfishness and greed. More lava flows this year and Vesuvius may awaken once more.
The planet can supply an endless source of oil which reflects the universal bountifulness of our planetary host. It is the few who wish to control all that keeps the lie of supply going. As knowledge of available alternative energy resources reach public knowledge, an outcry comes for more investigation of true resources such as the free energy machines, anti-gravity devices and time altering gateways. These deeply hidden technologies would make the supposedly fossil fuel apparatuses obsolete and eliminate them from the pollution cycle.
Chinese political, economic, military and social expansionism is evident throughout the planet at this time. Her increased presence in Africa and South America along with her thrust into space and increased cyber warfare further underline her intent to be the big player on the block. Tension grows with other powers and confrontations become nearer. Russia also continues to flex her military, political and social influences bringing back a posture similar to that during the cold war. There is the likelihood of a power play at the top which will bring a more conservative, proud and protective leadership back into the limelight.
South American and Central American countries continue their drift into the eastern sphere of influence which throws the geopolitical balance into a tizzy. Mexico asserts herself into the arena of more influence by becoming more aggressive in wanting her share of the global pie. Israeli aggressiveness is likely to stir up an old pact between Russia and Iran. Turkey is also very assertive in the region adding fuel to the already unstable fire in the region. The US-Israeli alliance covets a run at Iran, setting the stage of a potential prelude eerily similar to the biblical scenario for Armageddon. Our fleet is in a perilous position as the new technologies of our foes become more advanced. The India-Pakistani tension also is inflamed by the intrusion of external powers and their own differences. The region is now highly explosive.
Religious fervor is stirred by this frequency. Large numbers of people continue to convert to the Muslim faith. The Catholic Church continues to posture itself in anticipation of the revelations regarding our extraterrestrial relationships and others announcements about to come from our travels into outer space. In addition newly uncovered fossil findings will alter our perception of this planet’s previous evolution.
In the United States the financial crisis is not solved and crime among certain categories continues its steep rise. The average American wallet gets withered, as the wallets of the fat cats get thicker. Kenya born, Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) experiences further compromise and decline in popularity. Meanwhile his unknown agenda further erodes under questionable leadership and intent. The county’s infrastructure continues to deteriorate, and the question may arise as to just how close we come to living under martial law. What’s left of the constitution takes further hits at this time.
It is a cycle that encourages the warmest and most joyful of human feelings of the heart. In a dysfunctional society such as ours this vibration also stimulates the lower regions of astral emotional garbage. Americans are simultaneously out of control and being frightened into a more repressed emotional posture. All of this while being pushed further into dependency upon drugs that numb, inhibit and cover up the emotions. The end result is an exponential growth of repressed anger within the collective unconscious that will soon explode in a massive public outcry and display of discontent.
It is a cycle during which extraordinary moments of creativity emerge within the entertainment arena. There will be moments of almost unearthly performances and truly inspired productions. At the other end is evidence of the sellout within the entertainment industry to perpetuate the politically correct and globally correct policies that the few continue to push upon the many. News, politics, commerce and entertainment all become further blurred as people are thought of as commodities to be exploited by the brokers of power. The rapid development of technology yields even further temptation for the communications and entertainment industry to take on an even larger role in social engineering.
There have been previous cycles where it appeared the truth about our relationship with extraterrestrial life was going to be revealed. It is ironic that the government of the free and brave has been the most repressive about this issue. So many other nations have been opening their UFO files and sharing what they have encountered. It is becoming more difficult for our country to keep the supposedly covert secret under wraps. The three vibration of full expression of feelings and emotions may be the one that allows the truth of their presence and coexistence to be publicly revealed. Such an announcement would forever alter the way we feel about our planet and ourselves as members of a greater universe.
The role of America is critical at this time. Will the American people stand up for the freedom we supposedly experience and defend? Or do we slide ever further into a compliant state of global servitude? One way to tell is to watch the money flow and media madness. Based upon the events of this decade, a decline seems more likely from a pure mundane perspective. Does God Bless America, and are Godly people (whatever the denomination) ready to claim their true spiritual heritage and stand up for their rightful dominion?

Copyright 2010 Lynn Buess

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Lynn Buess MA, EdS has over 45 years of experience as a numerologist on both a national and international level. Lynn wrote thesis papers for two accredited graduate degrees on the topic of numbers and symbols. Both paperswere published into popular books on the topic. His list of clients would make an impressive who’s who of well known personalities.