The land seems to be shrinking the way population and the items used by this population are constantly on the increase. After all, utilities need as much space as human beings do. This being settled, it would not be really difficult to imagine the solution storage units are providing. Personal storage facilities and business storage related aid is in great demand, meeting even day to day needs of the people.

Data Telltale

These are not arrows shot in the air and that too blindly. The trend is exposed by solid statistics and data that have brought many facts in the light of day. For example, the U.S. is the frontrunner among the countries in race of highest consumption of storage space. This could be understood by the fact that Storage Space Association represents more than 49,000 facilities in comparison of the five International organizations representing Europe, Australia, Canada, Latin America, South America and Japan jointly standing for over 12,000 storage facilities. All these things are mentioned in the SSA factsheet page.

As per 2009 statistics, every one of ten American rent a storage unit. Thus, it is fairly understandable- the enormous area of 2.35 billion square feet is used as self storage space in the U.S. Moreover, the importance of availability of such a space is also highlighted by the fact that 96% of people use the place for over a year, even when it is only ‘temporary space’. Personal and business storage units both are giving benefits to individuals who desperately wanted extra corners in their backyard but do not want to bear hefty land lease costs. This is why economists and statistician were not slow to tell that this particular aspect of real state is the fastest growing business even in the time of recession and therefore tagged as ‘Recession Resistant’ business.

If one compares time the way it was 55 years from now, there were no facilities at all; the number was absolute zero and now we see every place taking form of makeshift storage units. Another insight on the same perspective is given by this fact- before 1996 there were only 6% of then-population used storage services in contrast to 65% of the present day people. What we see today in the form of such mushrooming of storage units is a change in the way individuals used to live in past as compared to now.

All the more interesting

Facts mentioned above give a clear picture of the industry and needs of people, be it the U.S. or any other place in the world. The exponential growth in the industry is a trend which not to be taken lightly. Efforts are made to make people aware of the ways they can make optimal use of the facility and services in the best possible manner.

So, it is to be seen how much more it gets interesting, ready to get more shocked the next time such survey comes out about business and personal storage units!

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