Have you ever wondered what will happen after the death of your physical body? Some believe they will cease to exist. Others, who had a NDE (near death experience), returned to the living to share their insight from the other side, what happened when their physical body “died,” yet their soul continued living.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.
It’s reasonable to question metaphysical concepts, and the FAQ page of the NDERF site addresses common questions and has useful information about NDEs.

We read through the NDE accounts on the NDERF site and selected those we found most informative to share with you. Click on the name in each section below if you’d like to read the full case history.

Leonard NDE 4046 had a heart attack and experienced a painful life review during his NDE. He said he can’t imagine the pain Adolf Hitler felt during his. Leonard was shown when he did things unconditionally, and when he did unloving things. He even saw himself stealing candy from a shop, thinking to himself that nobody saw him do it. “Indeed,” he said, “somebody saw me. Yes, God saw me!” However, he realized during his life review that God doesn’t judge, but loves with an indescribable unconditional love that goes way beyond what we feel on Earth.

He also said that he and his guides laughed about how seriously he reacted to certain events on Earth; life doesn’t need to be so dramatic.

In addition, Leonard learned that we lose the memory of who we are each time we incarnate, there are billions of universes, and we may choose to incarnate on other planets besides Earth. Our findings reflect this as well.

Stella NDE 3697. Most souls who experience a NDE feel so wonderful on the other side that they don’t want to return to their restrictive bodies and lives on Earth. But don’t they want to return to their loved ones? Many do, especially such as when their children need their help back on Earth. However, when Stella protested with her guide about returning to Earth, he asked her if she missed her mother and father. She said no, because she will see them again soon (since time doesn’t exist there).

Stella’s guide showed her life to her like a journey. There were important, destined events symbolized by marble statues, while others were of soft clay, meaning it was possible to use free will to alter them. She realized that, “A series of free will choices and reactions to events determines the conditions to find the destination or to miss it. It is so free that one can always try and try again: it doesn't matter how long it takes or where it happens, time and space do not exist, the only important thing is to 'meet the conditions' to arrive at the proper destination.”

Linda G NDE 3649 experienced her NDE during a drug overdose. Like most others, she said the other side felt like home and she didn’t want to leave. Still, she asked God if she could return to Earth because her kids lost their father to suicide the year before and she couldn’t bear the thought of them thinking their parents didn’t love them enough to stay. She was allowed to return because it was unselfish and she wanted it so desperately.

She was told that upon her return to Earth, she would forget all she had learned on the other side because it would interfere with her life. This is common, yet some souls remember a lot of details when back on Earth, sometimes in order to help others with the insight.

She did remember that everyone goes to Earth to fulfill a goal of some kind, and we choose our bodies, parents, and life plan. Surprisingly, she said that some souls go to Earth with simple goals, such as for the food or to learn a sport.

She also learned that each life is, “just a drop of water in the bucket of lives which we all experience, many here on Earth and many in other realms of existence. All for learning and growth and the main purpose is to love.”

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