The year is half over and much has been accomplished so far.

A book is near completion, web sites revamped, big jump in sales from our previous sites, a new site, established Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Coaching, became part of a wonderful group martial arts group in Florida, finished marathon #8 and a host more.

At the top of the list of accomplishments is one that casts a huge shadow over all of the rest combined. It is the eclipse that blocks the rays of the book and sites and marathon.

The best accomplishment I have made so far is the awareness of how life dramatically improves, when others are included.

By nature, I am the proverbial lone wolf. I am comfortable in my own skin and have never minded being a solo act. In fact, for significant chunks of my life, such was the case. Yes, it was challenging and even lonely at times, but it was also an opportunity to dive deep into my psyche and learn as much as possible about self, my life and some of the great questions we all ask.

As I have gotten older. . . I mean, matured. . . . I have learned to be a part of things and most of all, to include as many others as part of my successes. And even part of my failures. Mostly, part of my life.

Much to my surprise and outright shock to my lone wolf archetype, my life has improved. Many times, other people’s lives have improved as well. . . .which then made my life improve. And the circle of positive energy spins.

Running for me is more therapy versus physical exercise. It is a time when monkey mind shuts down and my True Self come to converse. I was pondering the above “positive energy cycle” and soaking in the good feel of being included and including others in my life. It was a newer way of being and like a brand new shirt, took a while to be comfortable with wearing.

Then it hit me. Throughout ALL of my life, my successes were due in part, to others. Someone, some where always played some valuable role in what I deemed a success. A teacher, a coach, an instructor, parent, friend, kind stranger. Someone always played a contributing role and without them, my success would probably not have been possible.

It was only within the past decade and in particular, this past half-year that I become aware of such people and took the time to pay it forward, so to speak.

I am realizing that whatever task you take on, be it small or grandiose, a “slam dunk” or something “impossible,” there are always individuals who are willing to go out of their way and assist you. They typically don’t ask for credit. They don’t ask for reparations. They don’t ask for acknowledgement. They only want one thing – to be included.

Too many times, I have view people as disconnected dots, forgetting that we are all a part of the circle, for it is the dots that actually comprise our circle.

One half year down. One major insight noted. Can’t wait to find out what the rest of the year will provide. . . .

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