Self confidence is mainly destroyed by personal doubt and disbelief in oneself. If, for instance, your inner critic tells you are not good looking, then obviously you won’t love and accept yourself and may consequently lose self confidence. As this happens over and over again, with lots of different aspects of our lives, our confidence is eroded, slowly but surely. Improving self confidence is a process and will take a little work but the results will be more than worth it.

Most of us have met people who are very shy, or weak in establishing social relations; they find it so hard to connect with others - we have to understand and appreciate them. They may well be on the way to improving self confidence and need to be supported, not put down further. If you are the shy person, you cannot beat up yourself because you are shy; you can choose to work on overcoming your shyness by learning more about it, doing activities and exercises which can improve your self confidence or in some circumstances visiting an expert therapist.

Close friends, family or acquaintances can also be of help in improving self confidence. Our close friends and relations understand us better than anyone else. You can ask your friends what they see as your good points, they will often come up with things that are completely unexpected. They will also reassure you that you are not alone, many people feel exactly the same. In some cases, our feelings about ourselves may be completely unsupported; if you think you are terrible at something, ask a friend and you may be surprised at the answer!

Also, remember the key to improving self confidence is to accept and appreciate the way you are now. You may think that you are too fat but beating yourself up won’t make you thinner! Accept and love yourself then you can work towards making changes you want to. Put things in perspective: there are likely to be people much bigger than you and there are others with very slim bodies who long to be larger!

Improving self confidence is well within your reach, but it will take a little effort on your part. However, a small amount of effort will lead to results which will surpass all your expectations.

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