Daughters’ day is celebrated worldwide to mark how special women and girls are to their parents and the society at large. This a day where parents pamper their daughters by taking them out and even giving them gifts just to show how much they love and appreciate them. This day is specifically celebrated on the last Sunday of September each year. There are various reasons why this day is important and should be celebrated in every part of the world.

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Parents appreciate their daughters

Most parents would know the joy that comes with having a daughter. Not only is she precious but also she is the source of happiness and pride to her parents. A daughter is like a knot that ties and brings the family together. Even when she gets married, a daughter will always remember and care for her parents. That is why most parents will take this day as an opportunity to show their daughters just how special and priceless they are to them. After all, having a daughter is definitely the greatest blessing you will ever receive.

It’s a day to generate awareness on the rights of women and girls

The girl child is faced with many challenges, especially in this male-dominated world. That is why not just parents but also various organizations would take daughters day as an opportunity to sensitize women and girls about their rights. This includes the right to education, good nutrition, and health care. There are some societies where people think it’s a waste of time to educate their daughters. Since women and girls are all daughters, this day is celebrated to promote their rights and position in the society.

It’s a celebration to change people’s perspective about the girl child

In some societies, women and girls don’t get the respect and value that they deserve. They suffer social injustices and that’s why a day like this is important as such issues are addressed. This day in which all daughters are celebrated, people are made aware about the role of women and girls in the society. It’s a chance to make people understand that daughters are not just objected to be given out to marriage. They are rather an important part of any family and the society as well.

Great women are celebrated

On this day, the women who went against all odds to achieve their dreams are recognized and celebrated. These are the women every parent wants their daughter to emulate. Most parents would tell their daughter stories about the life of women such as Sania Mirza who have achieved great heights in their career. This is meant to encourage girls so that they know there is nothing that cannot be attained.

It’s a day to promote gender equality

Women and girls have to deal with all sorts of gender discrimination and inequality. This can either be in the careers they pursue, at the workplaces or in their families. On daughter’s day, the importance of the girl child is emphasized.

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