We started with a vision that others usually just dream and listen to: giving value to the world and promoting the field of knowledge. It is a free service that selects the renowned and latest books from known national and international authors and provides a detailed chapter-wise summary of the book, in the form of quickly readable or listenable Slates, in English as well as regional Indian languages. What catches the eye is that readers will get a gist summary of the book they have been longing to or planning to read which contains all the core values and knowledge the book had to offer. This keeps your busy schedule going as it has to without losing out on learning and gaining something new.

The idea is to take forward the vision of becoming the largest virtual library for all the book enthusiasts, so that they can fulfill their thirst for wisdom and knowledge, by incorporating all the renowned books in RollingSlate’s database in English and all the widely spoken Indian regional languages. Virtual Library is essential when we realize that not all have access to public or private libraries or even the cost to buy the real books, whereas this library can be accessed anytime, anywhere and free of cost, may it be 2 am in the middle of a desert camp, you have the universe of knowledge always with you.

These aren’t the only problems faced by book lovers all over the world but there are many, few more to count are unavailability of books in a language that they can comprehend, high book prices, and lack of time to read lengthy books, we aim to counter all of them through our short reads. We try to address all these concerns on one single platform by providing unlimited access to our database of a large number of books. It solves the huge obstacle for the students who have an intense thirst for books but are unable to afford the books and hence have to take a step back.

Our genres range from the north to the south pole, be it, politics, history, philosophy, and any category out there, we are covering 30+ genres and 500+ books! Imagine reading so many books in one month through the specially curated summaries which could otherwise take a whole year of resolution.

RollingSlate does not take a pause at one language and a limited audience but has an aim to create a huge network moving across the barriers of language that may pull a few readers back from the plethora of knowledge out there. With that in mind, it aims to provide detailed summaries in not only the English Language but also the regional languages, may it be Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, or any regional language in which you aim to increase your wisdom, all of it is just a click away! Currently we are only providing summaries in English, and the plan in the head will soon be executed.

One must wonder what takes this huge library to stay contemporary? It is the daily practice of updating the database of Rolling Slate every day with new books and summaries so nothing in the market is left undiscovered by the users. Writing book summaries and extracting gist is an essential part of our job because we realize how emotional the process of writing books IS and the number of perspectives a piece can hit. This is the reason we try to ensure that the main essence and message of the book remains intact while we curate a detailed chapter-wise summary for it. Thus, this way the vision and message of the book reach the masses without leaving out the emotions and essence behind the knowledge. The users are also welcome to assist us in curating more books than ever by contacting us.

This is a platform, a one-stop station for the ones running after knowledge and books. This stop has moved across all the obstacles of languages, resources, and time and brings forth a specially curated gist of the best books on your slate to move to the next station of wisdom in life.

Author's Bio: 

A digital marketer & content creator with an extensive experience of 7 years working at rolling slate.