Anything that I write about the topic of weight loss should include facts. No assumption. No opinion. No argument. Not pie-in-the-sky. None of these. I said, "facts", and I'm talking about the proven facts about the nutritional and weight loss issue.

Fact # 1: Dieting is not a permanent weight loss solution.

Fact # 2: Even the "good" diet usually incorrectly processed. (OK, one point of view.)

Fact # 3: You will not get no exercise.

Fact # 4: Instead of "diet" you need to replace a good diet.

Fact # 5: Almost everything is a facilitator or barrier.

Fact # 6: You have your weight loss program, rather than anything else.

Nutrition is not a permanent weight loss solution

It is well documented that diets that eliminate certain things from your normal list of foods to eat or only eat certain foods, do not work as a permanent weight loss solution. This can be explained through the book on the theme, but make it short, you're bored, it is difficult to stay on the diet, the diet produced changes in your body that promote weight gain, you lose power, it just isn `t fun, and so on. Select any diet you want. Whether you're ready to spend the rest of your life, and eat that way? Probably not. lives only real solution is a lifestyle and behavior change.

Nutrition is often misunderstood and incorrectly

Here's a classic example: the Atkins diet! Almost everyone you know to ask what the Atkins diet, and they say it's a diet that lets you eat a lot of things, such as steak, ham ... you know, the fun stuff without worrying about those nasty old vegetables and carbohydrates. That's why it's called a "low-carb", right?

Shows how far most people to read. A few pages into the Atkins diet plan, you will learn how to eat, how that should be done only during the first two weeks, moving your body in the proper mode for the next three stages. In each of these stages, Dr. Atkins actually told people to start adding certain foods, such as carbohydrates, back, because it's not healthy to stay in a straight diet of chicken-fried steak or whatever for the rest of their lives.

Just to drive the point home, I have a friend who went on the Atkins diet for more than two years ago. After a couple of years later, he was still eating the foods that were recommended for the first two weeks list! He lost weight, and in particular, he is getting it back now, and then some, and have no idea why the Atkins diet does not work any more.

It is interesting to note that the Atkins diet, and almost all the other weight loss programs, diet drink, diet pills, fitness coach, you name it, include exercise as it is important that the product is effective.

You have to Exercise for weight loss

In fact, many people can lose the most weight they need to lose just to get the right exercise program and staying with it! That's half the problem. Our bodies are designed by Mother Nature to do things! Pressing the remote control does not count. Again, this topic is broader than the scope of this article, but the facts are that if you want to improve your overall health, defeat, or at least delay dozens of mental and physical conditions, get more enjoyment out of life, live longer, live better, and lose weight, you need to use them.

Weight loss and weight gain is a basic rule that if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. If you burn more calories than you burn, you lose weight. It is simple.

For most people, it really does look simple. If they eat less, they will lose weight!

Instead of a diet YOU NEED to replace a good diet

As mentioned above, just cut foods out of your diet is not the answer. However, the solution is simple - just eat sensibly. No one ever said that you can not eat chocolate cake, just that you should not eat two or three pieces a day, and a piece of you do eat should be of normal size. We all have at least a vague idea of ??what foods to eat, and we have a good idea of ??what we should be eating, or at least eat a lot. It is an active process. Most people drive to the window and says, "Give me your 99 cents greaseburger and a cup of water with sugar.

When asked if they want to" Extra, "they agree. Even good restaurants serve a lot more food than it is to eat healthy, but most people to go ahead and eat it anyway because they have no idea how much they should eat because it tastes so good, or because they have been taught to clean their plates.

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