I love to eat because eating is the only thing that makes me happy. I know dear stomach you’re bored but not hungry because when my eyes are on a delicious plate it becomes very difficult for me to control my temptations because am a big foodaholic and I enjoy it. I can’t think well or work without eating until my stomach allows.
Dear Stomach I know that the plight of the uncontrollable longing of your favorite dishes and yummy desserts that you face when tasty food is before me or when someone offers- c’mon join us. Seeing your favorite dish on the table and thinking to control is a pathetic situation for a big foodie like me.
Where to go or run? This is a harsh reality for food lovers, cravings may not be right, but this is my life dear! We are being in the habit of or inclined towards wrong habits nowadays, it is a trap of earning a livelihood – it is not our choice but a necessity…Living far from our homes, unable to have the right diet,no time to eat properly. Hanging out with friends and eating fast foods regularly is the only choice left with us.
Unhealthy eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main causes of weight gain and 24*7 working schedules make a person couch potato. We all are aware of the right lifestyle and want to change for better but the only option left is to quit health concerns and just be focused on livelihood. This hectic schedule makes a person so lethargic, that we allow a habit of untimely eating and late night food cravings, we know it disturbs our body clock but time is demanding sacrifice- so unfair but essential requirement.
We want to cope with this problem in an easy manner and crush the yearning of food but we fail because we all are accustomed to modern lifestyle. We wish to be fit and healthy, but our food cravings are a major obstacle in weight-management.
This is a story of all the food lovers. Desiring to be fit and healthy but unable to fulfill the desire. Desire should not only be a dream, you all know that impossible says’ I am possible’.
If you are determined to manage the habit of food craving and control your temptation, then there is an efficient way to manage weight and food cravings. Just two spoons twice a day about half an hour before meals – do wonders. No need to struggle with your lifestyle by changing your eating pattern -just add this to your present eating habits.
One solution for many –‘Apple Cider Vinegar’. Apple Cider Vinegar has beneficial properties, it can help in managing temptations and controls satiety -a state of fullness. This is natural health tonic, easy to use and safe to drink. Basically, Apple Cider Vinegar is made by fermenting the sugars from apples, it has no fats and no carbohydrates. So, you can certainly add it as an ingredient to your meals…
Go for this wonder drink and grab a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar -mix two spoons of ACV into water or as salad dressing, twice a day- 30-40 minutes before meals. You would see great results within weeks.
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B.sc(maths) from bihar