All right, let’s just jump in and address the context of this title. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of naked dreams. They’ve helped me through various life situations.

First of all if you have a dream of yourself being naked, or someone else being naked, don’t worry, you’re not necessarily a pervert. This is your psyche sending you a message about the issue of HONESTY without any type of defensive dressing.

Let’s face it, being human, we’re all vulnerable to one thing or another… or even a dozen… or a hundred things. What value is the delicate wonder of life if we’re invincible to everything? So, this means that from the minute we’re born, we build defensive mechanisms. Babies cry because it’s their defensive mechanism against being ignored. They don’t have the ability to care for their personal needs so they have to capture someone’s attention for help.

And so it goes.

By the time you’re 5 years old, you’ve developed attitudes and belief systems which are ALL intended to enhance your survival, one way or another. Consider these attitudes and belief systems as CLOTHING to cover up the true self.

So, it stands to reason, when you dream about being naked… or you dream that someone else takes off their clothes in front of you, it’s probably your psyche sending you a message about ridding yourself (or the other person ridding himself) of defensive mechanisms.

Of course, now you have to factor in the entire scenario, because the message will depend on what else is happening in your dream. If, in your dream, you’re naked in a steam room, this is entirely appropriate and there’s no need to check yourself into an institution for the prevention of mental instability. However, let’s explore other scenarios.

Let’s say you’re being considered for a promotion and you don’t know how to present yourself to the three people who are interviewing you. Do you put on a very pro-active stance, oozing self-confidence and high self-esteem? Or do you show humility, admitting that you’re not entirely sure you can accomplish what needs to be done, but you’ll try your darnedest.

In essence, in trying to decide how to “present” yourself, you are choosing WHAT OUTFIT TO WEAR to make the best impression.

So then, you go to sleep the night before the interview and you have a dream where you walk into the interview room naked. Aha! Your psyche is telling you to be HONEST and just show the real you. If you’re scared out of your mind but you want the promotion anyway, then that’s what you tell them. If you really think you can do the job with your hands tied behind your back, then that’s what you say. Of course you don’t want to be too cocky about how you tell them that. “Cocky” attitude is still being clothed. Or… you might be “naked” about your feelings regarding the promotion, but on your head you’d be wearing a three-feet high headdress which proclaims your magnificence (á la Las Vegas showgirl).

Let’s say in your dream you’re naked and you’re embarrassed. You spend the entire dream looking for a place to hide but it’s just an open area and nowhere to hide. This is either a warning dream or a precognitive dream.

In a warning dream, depending on what happens in the dream, maybe your psyche is just sending you encouragement to stop hiding a lie or secret.

If it’s a precognitive dream, then be prepared. Your psyche is telling you that you can no longer hide from the reality of whatever it is you’re covering up.

If you’re naked in public, then the implication is that this revelation will be a public one. If it’s in an environment where all your family, friends and/or co-workers are gathered, then the revelation will be to people you know who probably support you. If you come willingly into a public area in all your vulnerable nakedness, then, chances are you’ve made a decision to “reveal” a hidden issue to them. If you’re pulled into the room kicking and fighting, then you’re being “forced” to come clean about a situation... maybe an “Intervention” scenario.

If you’re coming out of the closet and entering a room where clothed people are all looking at you, then the interpretation is pretty much that “you’re coming out of the closet” about being gay (or an addict, or a stripper in a sleazy nightclub when you’re not being an accountant at your day job, etc.).

Again, don’t panic, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to seek psychiatric help (although, by all means, do so if it feel right to you).

Remember that the psyche remains untainted by all your personal issues… just as your stomach will accept anything your mouth pours into it. Its job is to PROCESS, and it will do so automatically or you’d have serious health issues. For example, if you swallow poison, it’ll “process” it as something harmful to your health, so it’ll try to make you vomit the stuff out. But it won’t tell you that you’re a bad person and glue your mouth shut forever after. All your psyche wants to do is keep you balanced and functional in your daily life.

In essence, your psyche has a function similar to your stomach. It won’t judge you as a good person or a bad one (although your conscience might, and that’s where psychiatric help might come in handy). It’ll simply process the information it gets from you (including how you “feel” about that info) and then send you suggestions in your dream state to make the outcome a healthy one for you.

Partner Sex: Now, let’s say you’re making love with your partner in a dream, and you’re naked but your partner isn’t, this might be a message to you that said partner isn’t being honest about something in your relationship. Because of the scenario, maybe it’s time to be aware that said partner might be unfaithful.

If you’re the one clothed in the dream and your partner is naked, then this implies that while your partner is honest in his/her feelings and commitments to you, you’re not being entirely the same with said partner.

If you’re both naked and it’s a fun, pleasurable scenario, then by golly, enjoy it and when you wake up, go for it.

Non-Partner Sex: If you don’t have a partner, then this could be a wish fulfillment dream about the hot guy or girl in the next cubicle and is meant only to release certain physical, emotional or psychological needs. Or maybe your psyche is telling you to stop being afraid and pursue said “fantasy” partner because it’ll be great times ahead.

Sex With Someone You Hate: If your dream shows you having sex with someone you hate, and the sex is good, it’s a suggestion that perhaps you have more compatibility factors in common with that person than you think. Being “in sync” is possible. Or perhaps you only “hate” them because you’re in love with them. If the sex is bad, it means “coming to terms” with said person isn’t likely to happen and best to avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Sex With Someone of Same Gender: Naturally, if you’re a balanced and reasonably mature person, you’ll wake up and examine the possibility of whether you’re gay or lesbian. The reality is that we’re all comprised of male and female elements, and it’s totally normal to see sexual attractiveness in someone of the same sex. It doesn’t necessarily make you gay or lesbian.

Evolved people who see beauty and value in a person, regardless of gender, can appreciate that person so much it becomes love, and love expresses itself through sexuality, among other things. The nature of homosexuality is such a complex, multi-dimensional area of human expression, that no one today can define its source and its parameters with absolute understanding.

Imagine a field comprised of nutrient-rich soil able to support hundreds of flowering plants. Each type of plant derives its unique nourishment from the soil in its unique way and flourishes. In the same way, the factors which cause gay preferences are unique to each individual. That individual will derive whatever nourishment he or she needs from the environment in order to blossom into the individual he or she is.

Blaming the nutrients in the soil, whether acidic or not, possessing whatever minerals are in there or not, doesn’t change the fact that the soil exists. Where soil exists, any seed which makes its way into that soil will try its best to take root and grow within the parameters of its own possibilities.

Sexual attraction is like the plant food added to the soil to enhance and enrich the soil even further. In addition to propogation, sexual attraction has a purpose of enhancing and enriching relationships. Plant food doesn’t restrict itself by gender, so why should the plants growing in that soil be thereby restricted as well.

We live. We exist. The possibilities in how we each grow and blossom into full selfhood are endless.

Because the psyche doesn’t judge, it will reveal scenarios to you which our society might consider taboo. Maybe you find yourself kissing your brother or sister in a dream, or even your mother or father, cousin, etc. This taboo is ingrained into your conscience by our societal values of right and wrong.

Most humans aren’t evolved enough to always see the right and wrong in a situation, so codes, mores, laws, ethics, and rules are downloaded to our “conscience” database to give us guidelines for appropriate behavior in our consensus reality.

Thus, there are strong rules of appropriate sexual behavior in all cultures of our world. Such rules are made because humans are created with the survival urge to procreate and it takes a female and male to make that happen. So all females and males have built-in sensitivities which trigger procreative reactions, whether they’re relatives or not.

Sexual attraction can and does occur in taboo situations. Again, the psyche could care less whether something is taboo or not. If you find yourself attracted to an inappropriate partner, hopefully, your healthy conscience will trigger reactive emotions – guilt, self-doubt, fear, etc.
Such guilt, self-doubt, and fear will feed into your psyche, so your psyche will process it and send you a dream.

If you have the appropriate psychological mechanisms to process these feelings, perhaps your dream will show you kissing that inappropriate partner, and maybe, in the dream, that partner will be horrified and run away from you. Or slap you. Or collapse in a traumatic heap. Or simply look at you with innocence.

That would be a warning dream. If you’re a reasonably balanced individual, you’ll say to yourself, “Wow, I do find so-and-so attractive, and that’s a normal thing, but I’d better be careful I don’t telegraph that thought in an inappropriate way.”

Or, perhaps you have denied to yourself that you feel sexual attraction to an inappropriate person. This dream might be telling you of your true feelings, so that you can address the issue and make the right choice as to how to handle it. The dream scenario might even be showing you HOW to handle the situation.

Then, depending on the scenario, the other person could be an aspect of character. Let’s say you’ve decided to find someone through a dating service on the internet and you don’t know what characteristics you want the person to have. So, that night, you dream of kissing a cousin whom you really like because he’s so witty and funny. In real life, you know you don’t find that cousin sexually attractive at all, but then… why the dream. In all likelihood, your psyche is reminding you about the characteristics you find attractive in a person.

In summary, being naked in a dream is just one element and in order to do a good job of understanding what the dream really means, it’s important to factor in all the circumstances in the dream.

Author's Bio: 

Tessie Jayme is a Minister of the Universal Life Church, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and author of “BOOK OF YES”. During her journey in counseling clients, one of the valuable tools which she uses is dream interpretation. She does this on a down-to-earth level, applying humor, compassion and examples from daily life experiences to illuminate the messages which often comes to us during the sleep state. She uses samples from her own files to illustrate how to make sense of what the psyche is trying to tell us about ourselves.

In “I DREAMT I WAS NAKED (How To Interpret Your Dreams),” she guides us through the process of remembering, recording, and then interpreting our dreams. According to Tessie, you don’t need a college degree and an I.Q. of 150 to understand yourself.

You only need to pay attention to what your inner self is telling you through the dreams which come to you every night. Because the language, images and symbols which come to you are filtered by the psyche according to your personal vocabulary, knowledge and experiences, you are the best person in the world to interpret such messages for your daily guidance.

Tessie considers herself an eternal student of our multi- and inter-dimensional existence. Since humans use only about 10% of the brain potential, her feeling is… why not try to expand that percentage?

Through the course of her exploration of the ever-fascinating workings of the Universe, she has studied Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui, Palmistry, Face-Reading, Tarot-Card-Reading, Handwriting Analysis and the Native American lore of power animals. In addition, she taught Numerology at Los Angeles City College as part of their Community Services program.

Tessie’s goal in this book, and throughout her life, is to illuminate her path and the path of others so that all the wondrous possibilities of existence can be experienced to the utmost potential.

Please go to her website,, to learn more about Tessie’s other projects.