Lessons From A Billionaire

You and I have several rare opportunities today to get inside the minds of the richest people on the planet. There are some amazing lessons that we can learn from them. I want to share a short lesson that I learned from billionaire investor, Warren Buffet.

Before we dig into Buffet's amazing secrets for wealth, I want to ask you a question.

What are you doing on a daily basis to get yourself closer to your goals and dreams? What are you reading? Who are you listening to? Are you taking action? Are you monitoring and assessing how well your actions are producing the success that you desire?

One of my mentors for the past 20 plus years has been the great Jim Rohn. Mr. Rohn says that its not what you do once in your life that makes the big differences. It is what you do on a daily basis. The difference between success and failure, for most people, is about 5-7 things you either do or don't do each day.

This morning, I picked up my laptop and went straight to YouTube.com. I spent my waking moments listening to the two richest men in the U.S. (possibly the two richest in the world). I did a quick search for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and spent over an hour listening to these men.

Fifteen years ago, I was reading a book called, "The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates. A friend of mine asked me, "Michael, why are you reading THAT book?” I told him, "If the richest man in the world writes a book telling me what the future is going to be like, I think I need to read it.” To me, that was a no brainer.

This is why I get up in the morning and fill my mind with thoughts from billionaires. To me, if I want my life to be any better, if I want to make more money and be more successful, doing this is essential.

Of all of the times that I'd listened to Warren Buffet, I never heard him give a three point message on success and amassing wealth. This morning was the exception. This is what I learned.

Mr. Buffet gave these three keys to his own success. Take them to head and to heart. Memorize them. Then, do them.

1.Have The Right Heroes – I would add, choose great mentors for your life. As I mentioned above, Jim Rohn has been a mentor of mine for over two decades. Now, I've only met this hero of mine on a very few occasions. He doesn't call me nor do I call him.

However, it doesn't require personal one on one coaching for someone to be your mentor. Mentors that you will want to pattern your life after and learn from, generally, are authors. There is something inherent in doing great things. You want to leave clues for others to follow.

Every great student has a great teacher. Every successful athlete has a great coach.

Pattern your life around those who you admire most. People you would call a hero. Read their books. Do whatever it takes to get into their minds. Do it consistently.

You might be asking, “Well, do I really need to make them my hero?” I would say, ''Yes!” If the person that you choose as a mentor is not someone that you can look up to, respect and want to pattern yourself after, then they probably don't qualify as a mentor. You need to be inspired by who they, what they've done and how you can learn from all the clues that they've left.

Choose your heroes wisely.

2. Follow Your Passion – I've never seen anyone get so amazingly excited about picking stocks and making calculated and profitable investments as Warren Buffet.

If the work that you do every day, doesn't inspire you, then you need to make a plan to get into the job or career that does inspire you. I've found that until you can turn your passion into profit, then, you'll never realize your true potential.

Some great questions that changed my life are, “What would you do if money was not an object in your life?” The next, “What would do if you knew that you could not fail?” These questions changed my life. When you are able to answer them honestly, then you will know what your deepest passion is.

3.Invest In Yourself – This one blew me away. Think about it. Likely the most successful investor in history advising you to invest in yourself. When you stop and consider that the greatest rewards in life are fulfillment, happiness and a sense of accomplishment, then you realize how important this step truly is.

How do you invest in yourself? Well, you can do it with formal education. You can do it by choosing a job, career or company that you can learn from and which will help you achieve your goals.

I believe that the greatest way to invest in yourself is to 'put your money where you mind is.' Your mind will reap you the greatest returns imaginable. And the best way to act on this is through self education.

Read the right books. Invest in yourself by getting the audio programs, instructional and teaching programs that will add value to your knowledge, skills and talents.

Whatever you want to do in your life, you will very likely find that someone has forged the way and left clues. Seek out those clues and then follow up and follow through.

I'm honored to be able to share these amazing clues that Warren Buffet has left for you and me. I'm also quite honored to know them. As I said earlier, take them to heart and head and make a huge leap closer to the life of your destiny.

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