Snoring affects a pretty large chunk of the population, and for them and the people who have to listen to them, it's a big problem. What can you do if you're a snorer (or share a bed with one)?

First, you should be aware that for some people, snoring is a sign of some bigger problem like sleep apnea, and some of these so-called cures will not help if it's the symptom of some other underlying problem. That said, for the run-of-the-mill snorers among us who just want to get through a night without getting poked in the ribs or waking up with a snort, there are some pretty decent solutions out there.

Snoring happens when tissue vibrates against the back of the throat, often because of the way you sleep or breathe during sleep. Some of the best ways to cut back on snoring involve finding ways to stop this from happening by opening up the throat or lubricating it. Here are some things to try.

  • Throat sprays and lozenges may seem silly, but the truth is they work for a lot of people. The idea is to lubricate the back of your throat to make the vibrations stop. This only really works for the people who snore because they sleep with their mouths open, but for those people, it's a good solution.
  • Mouthpieces are a good way to get your jaw aligned and to keep your tongue from going into the back of your throat where it can vibrate and make lovely freight train noises. Many of these are available inexpensively, but you can also get them through doctors and dentists. Check product reviews before making your choice, but these can be very helpful for people with problems keeping their throats open at night.
  • Nasal strips don't work for everyone either, but they are a good solution for people who need to open up their nasal passages, particularly those with congestion or allergies.
  • Some people just need to stop sleeping on their backs to stop snoring. Putting a tennis ball in a sock and pinning it to your pajamas can be a great way to train your body to sleep on its side. Try this if you only snore when you are on your back - otherwise you have a tennis ball pinned to your back for no reason.
  • Not every cure works for everyone, but some of the simple, inexpensive solutions really do work - and since up to 40% of Americans deal with snoring, we must need it.

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